Secure HIPAA Texting App Uses Social Media Marketing Tactics

Technology changes at a rapid pace. Sometimes it feels as if the tools we use are out-dated just as we are getting our hands on them.

Online PR News – 23-November-2012 – TX, TX – NOVEMBER 2012–Technology changes at a rapid pace. Sometimes it feels as if the tools we use are out-dated just as we are getting our hands on them. On top of that there are more and more companies offering the next “invaluable” service that it is a challenge to sort through them all. Finding ways to stay abreast of the newest technology can be a full time job.

In an effort to inform the medical community about their amazing new mobile secure HIPAA texting application, HippoMSG has begun a social media marketing campaign. Using social network sites like Facebook and Twitter HippoMSG is getting the word out about their new Healthcare Information Provider to Provider Online message service application. This cutting edge text message encoding software allows medical professionals to make the most of their mobile technology while still maintaining the strict guidelines associated with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

By using social media to spread the word about their product,HippoMSG is able to interact directly with the doctors and nurses who will benefit the most from this amazing application. Through the ads HippoMSG is utilizing on Facebook the awareness for HippoMSG will grow by targeting only those professionals in the industry. Twitter allows HippoMSG to interact directly with the nurses and doctors discussing their needs in the virtual world. Like with the development of their application, HippoMSG is using the most current and effective cyber tools to bring HippoMSG to the people that need it.

Unlike other businesses that utilize similar virtual marketing campaigns, HippoMSG is not going to profit one cent from the heightened awareness because HippoMSG is absolutely free. Created by doctors for doctors and nurses, HippoMSG’s goal is to make sure that others in the field have the right tools to provide the highest level of care possible.

Since HippoMSG also doubles as a professional collaborative, the increased awareness through this virtual marketing campaign will increase the number of members within the HippoMSG community. More than encoding software, HippoMSG allows medical professionals to connect anywhere in the world and share their experiences. HippoMSG acts as a tool to unite the medical community and the more resources people have the better equipped they are to serve.

Thanks to HippoMSG’s virtual marketing campaign they are coming to you but you don’t have to wait to get on board with this amazing technology. For further details about HippoMSG and the new, cutting edge technology visit their website.

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