Spire Metering introduces EnduroFlow® Series EF10 wall-mount ultrasonic flowmeter

Spire Metering Technology, formerly Shenitech, launched the EF10 high-performance wall-mount ultrasonic flowmeter.

Online PR News – 23-November-2012 – Marshfield – November 12, 2012 - Spire Metering Technology, formerly Shenitech, launched the EF10 high-performance wall-mount ultrasonic flowmeter. A member of the EnduroFlow® Series, the EF10 offers enhanced accuracy and functionalities, and is a highly cost effective alternative to devices currently available on the market. The EF10 is lighter and more compact than previous models, and may be deployed as a single unit or multiple units, depending upon customer needs. While robust, the flowmeter’s Modbus compatible interface and wireless interface are easy to network and use.

The flowmeter is ideal for a wide variety of industries and applications, including irrigation, water treatment plants, energy production/delivery and process control at chemical plants. In Utah for example, Spire Metering’s ultrasonic flowmeter is being used to manage water supply for the Monroe South Bend Canal Association. Land owner LeRon Ware researched water management options and suggested the association install Spire Metering’s flowmeter to replace an antiquated system. “Our old system wasn’t giving us an accurate picture of water use. As land owners, we didn’t know we were getting what we paid for.”

Association Water Master Ron Mills says the new system is “absolutely super.” He appreciates how easy it is to use the device, which he uses to monitor water flow at 13 transducers located along eight miles of canal frontage. Ron says the flowmeter takes the guess work out of ordering water - which has to travel from as far away as 50 miles to reach the area - and prevents the possibility of a landowner turning on their sprinkler and having no water come out. Because the flowmeter measures velocity from outside the pipe, rather than from the inside, it is 100% accurate.

LeRon says the benefits of the Spire Metering system are great. “You know exactly how much water you’re drawing and are charged accordingly, and in the long-run, this system ensures that all of the landowners have enough water to irrigate their 4,000 acres of agricultural land.”

The EnduroFlow® Series EF10 is the latest solution in Spire Metering’s product line of portable and stationary ultrasonic flowmeters. Spire Metering designs high quality ultrasonic flowmeters to help monitor and better manage the flow of clean and opaque liquids. Our advanced technology enables customers - across a broad spectrum of industrial, municipal, chemical, residential and energy applications - to conserve natural resources, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Spire Metering’s flowmeter solutions deliver optimal performance and are accurate, affordable and easy to use.

Resource conservation is one of the primary benefits of using the EF10 says Spire Metering Marketing Director Douglas Cheung. “Spire Metering is committed to resource conservation by providing state-of-the-art solutions that help field engineers and facility managers better manage the flow of liquids. Our current generation EF10 accurately monitors liquid velocity, providing information to the user for efficient resource management."

Spire Metering Technology is a global supplier of premium Flow Measurement and Energy Metering solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Available through a global network of specialty distributors in more than 30 countries across the globe, Spire Metering Technology helps measure water resources and energy consumption for leading organizations like Siemens, NASA, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric, and over 1,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Acton Massachusetts, Spire Metering Technology is located on the web at http://spiremt.com