Thanksgiving Skin Whitening Treat from Kojic Acid Cream and Kojic Acid Soap

Skin whitening experts Kojic Acid Cream and Kojic Acid Soaps offers big Thanksgiving discount for the remaining days of November.

Online PR News – 23-November-2012 – Green Bay, Wisconsin – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 22 November 2012 – In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, skin whitening experts Kojic Acid Cream and Kojic Acid Soap wants to give back by offering the perfect Thanksgiving Skin Whitening Treat (href=" a skin perfecting tandem for all.

Kojic Acid Cream and Kojic Soap gift pack is a perfect gift this holiday to family and friends especially to those individuals who are seeking ways to achieve lighter and more flawless skin. Not only will you get two items in a mark down price but the guaranteed skin lightening effect of the combined products will certainly make your loved ones thank you for their new beautiful skin.

To avail Kojic Acid Cream and Kojic Acid Soap’s Thanksgiving sale, customers just need to visit one of the two websites and indicate on the Contact Us subject field “Thanksgiving Promo”.
Kojic Acid Soap is an effective skin lightener due to its active ingredient Kojic Acid that blocks and minimizes the production of melanin. Additionally, Kojic Acid Soap also contains papain enzyme derived from the papaya fruit (also known as an effective skin whitener) which exfoliates the skin thus revealing a new, healthy and lighter skin in a short span of time. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and can reduce acne problems aside from removing dark spots and improving overall skin tone.

While Kojic Acid Cream is a leading Asian beauty product that whitens dark skin and is an excellent treatment to skin pigmentation problems like dark spots and Melasma. Aside from kojic acid as its active ingredient, it also includes additional ingredients such as vitamin C, licorice and essential oil that all leads to a lighter and healthier skin. It can also be used on any part of the body where skin pigmentation may occur such as upper inner thighs, armpits and more.

The combined products will give you the best skin whitening results in just a short period of time targeting not only your overall skin tone but for areas that needs special attention.

Let your loved ones achieve the beautiful and lighter skin that they deserved by using the perfect skin whitening tandem through Kojic Acid Cream and Kojic Acid Soap . For more information, visit their websites and . Promo period is until end of November only.

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