Scott Fishman too Popular – NYC Fitness Expert Scott Fishman Pulls Training Video from YouTube

Scott Fishman, owner of Team All-American, created a fitness training video and posted it on YouTube, then took it off because of too much traffic.

Online PR News – 23-November-2012 – New York City, NY – New York, NY – Scott Fishman received so much traffic to his social networking websites from a fitness training video that he had to drop the video from YouTube.

The websites and were overloaded because of the popularity of the YouTube video. Many business owners would love to have the same problem as Fishman, fitness trainer and founder of Team All-American – too much Internet traffic.

“I created the training video from my home gym to ‘wow’ my clients,” explained Fishman. Wearing a special high altitude mask to simulate mile-high conditions at sea level in New York City, Fishman went through an intense workout of advanced athletic exercises on the video. It quickly went viral.

“The video generated a lot of traffic and helped grow my Internet presence, and put me on the map around the world as an influential fitness personality. It was a cool way to get my name out there. I had a friend video me, and I did all of the editing on my iPad. The traffic grew so much that I ended up taking the video down,” said Fishman.

Fishman works with people of all ages and fitness levels to help them attain peak athletic performance. He believes that anyone who has the will to succeed—and the right training—can reach their athletic and fitness goals, according to his web site at

“Everyone is an athlete,” Fishman insists, “and absolutely anyone can benefit from athletic performance training.”

Will he make a new video, or perhaps put the old one back online?

“A bunch of my friends are trying to convince me to re-release it. If I do, I will call it ‘High Altitude Training in NYC,’” said Fishman.

About Scott Fishman’s Team All-American
Scott Fishman is an athlete, marathon runner, fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and director of Team All-American located in New York City. Innovator of the Total Athlete Philosophy and LIFE mission (Leadership, Intelligence, Focus, Efficiency), Scott Fishman has developed a methodology that primes athletes for success in all areas of life, which he calls the Elite Athlete Method.