Personal Trainers Have New Fitness Trend to Grow Their Business in a Tough Economy with TACTIX

TACTIX martial arts fitness training certification and business system for martial arts schools, instructors and coaches. Fitness martial arts certification and business for personal trainers, health clubs, fitness professionals and group exercise instructors.

Online PR News – 23-November-2012 – Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – The TACTIX fitness and martial arts workout may be the salvation for fitness trainers and martial arts business owners who need a financial kick in the pants. Millions of fitness and martial arts workout fanatics get to benefit with a new way to burn the fat and kick away stress.

Fitness fanatics often look to personal trainers and martial arts instructors for advice on how to get in shape and drop a few extra pounds; especially after the fast approaching holidays. Do people ever stopped to think about how they get inspired and learn new fitness methods? How do people stay motivated and ready to take on their next physical challenge?

Fitness professionals are constantly doing research on the latest fitness trends and receiving needed training on exercise programing, safety, and training methods. This helps fitness business owners and martial arts instructors bring in droves of new clients for a fun and effective workout (and the prospect of financial security for the trainer/instructor). The new fitness trend, TACTIX, may supply the needed combination of sweat and green for all parties involved.

We’ve all seen or participated in some type of boxing, kick boxing, or martial arts type of fitness program. But, the martial arts fitness scene has evolved, and has a new contender trying to make its way to the top. TACTIX is a new system developed by fitness trend setter, Dr. John Spencer Ellis. TACTIX combines modern martial arts, fitness boot camp intensity, metabolic conditioning (metcon to those in the know) and dynamic and fun flexibility routines. The fitness and martial arts coaches that become certified to teach TACTIX are also given a complete business system which teaches them how to make a highly respectable income, while providing superior service to their clients and members.

“TACTIX has it all; fun, fitness, group dynamics, metabolism boosting workouts and practical self-defense without hitting some guy in a suit that looks like the Michelin Man. Fitness pros and martial arts instructors can teach TACTIX indoors or outdoors, to one person or 40 at a time,” says creator, Ellis. He adds, “TACTIX is not cardio kickboxing or ‘aimless martial dance’ classes. It has function, form and burns serious calories.”

If you are a martial arts instructor, gym owner or personal trainer, you can learn about the entire TACTIX system at If you are a consumer, you will have to wait just a bit longer. Consumers will find TACTIX workout locations popping up around the globe in 2013.

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