FAT Village- Premier Art Lover Destination

The search for the showcase of the artistic creation comes to an end as art has its new destination at The Fat Village.

Online PR News – 23-November-2012 – Fort Lauderdale – FAT Village (Flagler Arts & Technology Village) was constructed in 1950 is actually an incomparable construction of the industrial warehouses which offers a perfect space to showcase art galleries and performances. It facilitates a huge open space where it become easy for the artist to display their creation and convenient for the people to look at the same. It is called the Art district of Fort Lauderdale which attracts a huge number of artists, art lovers and traders.

Every type of art is been supported with the platform that is of ample space and urban facilities. One can find galleries, multiple artist studios and workshops, a gym, two theaters, a special event company, scenic and prop manufacturing, dance rehearsal studios, print shops, a costume warehouse and a music studio. This means if you have a thirst for art than Fat village is your destination. They have their own association of artists and merchants which works for the betterment of the place and resolves the upcoming challenges.

There is Miami Art event company in village that encourages the artists by displaying their work to the mass. There is an Art Walks on every last Saturday of each month, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. where this company keeps the event that is open for all. Here they keep different types of arts mainly paints designed by different artists which serve as a great source for the artists to get known. This event company helps in bringing out some of the local hidden talent to the fame. The best part is they also have their online presence that shows and sells the painting of many artists and they display full profile of the artist including his name, address, photograph and other details so that one can view every small detail about their favorite artist.

The art walk that takes place every month is very popular spot as there are number of artistic activity taking place at the same time like art galleries, open artist’s studios, prop warehouse, and even enjoy a street puppet show or a play in one of two theaters. Also there is plenty of free parking and walking space that makes comfortable for people to move with ease. This makes fat village one of the premier arts destinations with diverse, ever changing studios and gallery showcases on display every month that attracts hundreds of visitors to relish this event celebrating art and encouraging local artist.