Celebrity Life Coach Trinise L. Castro Boosts Musician's Career with Grammy Award-Winning Production

Trinise L. Castro, Transformational Leader and International Lifestyle Coach, is pleased to announce her transition into celebrity coaching services with proven results including a recent recording collaboration deal for one of her famous clients.

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – Victoria, Australia – Australian funk/soul singer and recording artist, Traffik Noise—accompanied by celebrity life coach Trinise L. Castro—lends his voice in a celebrated live studio recording for a renowned G-funk pioneer who is also a member of Snoop Doggy Dog's "Doggystyle" Records camp.

"When I first I met Traffik, I consciously recognized an energy in him that he didn't fully know he had. I perceived that he was extremely artistic—a real pioneer and innovator—yet the world hadn't really discovered him yet. With a few simple processes, I empowered him to acknowledge just how gifted and talented he actually is. And from there things began to really take flight in his music career," explains Trinise.

Following five private life coaching sessions, while on tour in the United States, Trinise’s client received an unsolicited communication from a legendary hip hop producer who has been closely associated with Nate Dogg, Warren G., Kurup, Butch Cassidy and Xzibit. An enthusiast of Traffik’s music, the Long Beach California-based producer asked Traffik to write lyrics as well as add his vocals to one of his tracks. Traffik accepted the West Coast producer’s offer and began to collaborate on their music project.

Once they master the energy of what they want they can definitely have it. And whether they’re an artist celebrity CEO or single parent I love showing them how to make that happen.

Trinise's client, Traffik Noise sings her praises saying, "Listening to the recording Trinise made for me has already started to open up doors for even more opportunities in the music industry. Artists and producers are contacting me from all over the world to work with me now."

Traffik refers to a spoken word, audio recording that Trinise created exclusively for him. Celebrity life coach Trinise L. Castro encoded his audio with various custom-made clearing statements and infused it with the energies to bring about her client's desires.

It had been less than two weeks when her client began to see results from listening to his own lifestyle coaching audio. Grammy-award winning producers and other esteemed producers alike began to contact Trinise's celebrity client with requests for him to produce more of his unique style of music for them. Music requests poured in from producers all over the world including: Victoria, Australia, New York City, Canada, California and Atlanta, Georgia.

"Everything that a person desires corresponds with a certain energy that already exists in the universe. I equip my clients with the tools to bring awareness to those energies,” says Trinise L. Castro, Transformational Leader, Access Consciousness Bars & Body Facilitator and International Lifestyle Coach.

"Once they master the energy of what they want, they can definitely have it. And whether they’re an artist, celebrity, CEO or single parent, I love showing them how to make that happen."

Individuals interested in learning more about Trinise L. Castro’s lifestyle or business coaching services, can visit: www.trinise.com. Mobile device users can access her site at: m.trinise.com. The full website also offers complimentary sample coaching sessions, energy clearing statements and audio files.

About Trinise
Trinise L. Castro, one of the nation’s most conscious leaders in personal empowerment, guides her private clients and celebrity clients with the tools and processes to transform their lives.

Most recent celeb clients include Aussie recording artist and producer, Traffik Noise who is connected with Funkonditionalove and his label Chosen Warrior Music as well as hip hop rapper, Kokane who is most notably known for his co-appearances on Dr. Dre’s critically-acclaimed album “2001” which debuted at number two on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart boasting 516,000 copies sold within its first week.

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