Opportunities in Water Efficiency and Gaining Value from Wastewater

Bharatbook.com included a new report on "Water for Food & Beverage: Opportunities in water efficiency and gaining value from wastewater" which gives the in-depth information on the wastewater treatment technologies.

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – Mumbai/ Maharashtra – The food and beverage sector is a multi-billion dollar market for water and wastewater treatment technologies. With the largest companies consuming as much water per year as small countries, the global industry uses around 62 km3 per year. That’s about as much as the total utility water supply for the Middle East and North Africa combined. http://www.bharatbook.com/market-research-reports/water-market-research-report/water-for-food-beverage-opportunities-in-water-efficiency-and-gaining-value-from-wastewater.html

The sheer diversity of the products, processing steps, water and wastewater treatment needs of food and drink companies opens up many ways to access the market. And there are a number of global trends that are creating huge opportunities for water technology companies: the tightening of wastewater quality regulations, the trend towards environmental efficiency, emerging market growth and water scarcity will ensure that capex on water technologies by F&B companies will reach $6bn in 2020.

The stage is set for every player in the market to increase their revenue in this sector. Access is open to all water technology companies, ranging from large global firms to smaller niche technology manufacturers. We interviewed representatives from leading food and beverage companies, food and beverage associations and water technology experts so you can benefit from their experience of how the market operates.

Water for Food & Beverage covers the sub-sectors that are most water intensive, and those that produce highly loaded wastewater streams:

• Dairy
• Brewery
• Fruit and vegetable
• Sugar
• Meat, poultry and fish
• Aquaculture

Lead the way in water efficiency and sustainability

Food and beverage companies are more sensitive to consumer concerns about the sustainable use of water and energy than most industries. This creates a growing pressure to meet and surpass environmental goals and charters, with corporate responsibility playing a pivotal role in business development. Water for Food & Beverage highlights the links between efficient water management and improved energy and water consumption. Find out how using the right technology solution can help manufacturers cut down on their process water requirements, promoting efficiency throughout the plant.

Improve wastewater treatment standards

Regulations for wastewater disposal are tightening, putting pressure on food and beverage companies to lessen the biological load in their wastewater streams. Polluters face heavy fines, and the risk of public disapproval if local communities are affected. This report showcases the technologies that will allow food and beverage plants to meet discharge quality standards in a cost-effective way, also opening up opportunities to reuse wastewater as feed water for boilers, equipment cleaning and other ancillary activities.

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