Negnu Radio – Make it to Online Stardom with Maximum Impact

Online radio broadcasting is a technological innovation that has proven to be really useful in the field of advertising and marketing.

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – AZ – Online radio broadcasting is a technological innovation that has proven to be really useful in the field of advertising and marketing. It is the dream come true for small and medium enterprises (SEMEs), artists and performers and just about anybody who’s looking for radio promotion at a lower expense. Now anyone can broadcast his or her own advertisement or show and reach out to a wider range of audience which is more engaged both online and with broadcast radio.

There are some sites that help you to go online with your own show. But falling for such traps can only bounce back as a mistake, where there are high chances of your time and efforts getting wasted. And what can be worse, it may ruin your reputation as well, since you are now connected to a larger audience base. Hence, it is absolutely critical to not only make a good, but a highly impactful and effective impression on your target audience, especially when you are promoting something. Therefore, one must go for full service radio broadcasting station such as

When you take the assistance of an established and fully developed broadcasting station like, you can stream in high definition assets via the internet or through their sub division to a highly engaged audience, that is spread across the world. Negnu Radio also has the expertise and facility to syndicate an established show or can help you produce and host your very own radio show. With all the latest technology and state of the art resources employed at their end, they can make a wonderful launch pad to your stardom.

At Negnu, it does not end with the latest technology and equipments, used to provide specialized features required in an internet broadcast. They also have the skill set and experience that does the trick for you. Their services start from standard webcasting capabilities and go on to video broadcasting, conversion and storage of recordings, remote broadcasts and customer control and reporting capabilities. Their online radio room is setup with 4 microphone stations. Plus, they can stream 720P video and make live real-time edits with their trickster station. You can also record your podcasts in their radio room and use their HD cameras to add high quality to your final product.

Be it any radio show, advertisement for any kind products or services, podcasts or any other online broadcasting, you can take maximum advantage and the best impression with high recall value only with the help of a high quality output that is often best produced by a highly competent station like