A New Free Book with an "Allen Key" to Unlock Nature & Humankind

'The Human Design: An Introduction to the Design in Nature'. is about whether one basic design reconciles the forces of physics and also serves as a blueprint for the human-type anatomy. We know nature because "it takes one to know one".

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – Melbourne, Australia – There are only four forces of nature, even though nature is very complicated. In simple terms, they are gravitational & electromagnetic, and resting & energetic. Moreover, they are framed by four forms of nature: space & time, and cause & effect, in the great theories of Newton & Einstein.

A new book 'The Human Design: An Introduction to the Design in Nature' relies on those universal facts in exploring nature. It provides a simple geometrical design that reconciles the forces and their forms, and then explains clearly how they determine the complications of nature. It is a lone and scientific effort, rather than a group or spiritual effort.

Marcus Morgan, a lawyer from Melbourne Australia, presents several decades of original work in a book that frames nature entirely by the design. The author's main conclusion is that the design applies not only as a reconciliation of forces & forms in physics, but also as a human anatomical blueprint in biology. He scientifically answers "spiritual" questions posed for thousands of years.

Our human-type anatomy is an embodiment of the design and its geometry in biological form. The book tracks from the Big Bang in physics to the biological human-type anatomy using the design. Nature's physical forces may evolve by the design to create biological human types to the same design, to understand nature. It literally "takes one to know one".

The author has written for the general public, and invites direct free download of the book from cloud storage at http://sdrv.ms/TPyBy8 (196 Pages + Contents - PDF 990KB - read 2 pages per screen as an EBook). This is an important scientific detective story.

The author's scientific experience is in product liability litigation, but his interests are extensive. The book is entirely original, but it complements theories by Darwin, Einstein, Newton, and Kant. The design is a Rosetta Stone to compare physics and biology. Nature would evolve by physics to biology for the purpose of human types understanding nature. Our type of anatomy would be repeated elsewhere in the universe. This has implications for society and its values, as discussed in the book.