Avail NWSC’s Gestational Surrogacy Services To Start Out Your Own Family

Northwest Surrogacy Center (NWSC) has been helping couples in starting their families by facilitating gestational surrogacy for over three decades. It is a leading surrogacy center that brings surrogates and intended parents together.

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – Portlan, OR – Located in Portland, Oregon (USA), Northwest Surrogacy Center is one of the leading and reputed surrogacy centers that help singles and couples start their own family through surrogacy. They are dedicated to serve those people who do not or cannot carry their child due to any reason. Availing their services, intended parents can also have their own genetic child through gestational surrogacy.

NWSC works with the finest clinics in the USA and creates strong matches between surrogate mother and intended parents. They offer unparalleled support and assistance at every step, keeping in mind the interests of both the parties. The center also serves gay or lesbian couples and singles. They are an ideal choice for those who are looking for an extraordinary surrogacy experience and extraordinary outcome.

The surrogacy center acts as a platform for surrogates and intended parents, and creates rewarding matches between them. They offer complete guidance right from the application process to the birth of the child. All the terms and conditions of the surrogacy contract are clarified right in the beginning.

Not only intended parents can approach them to find surrogates, but even women who are interested in carrying other person’s child can also approach them without any hesitation. They have set procedures and guidelines for surrogate motherhood and the applications are accepted only when a woman fulfills all the criteria. The focus is on complete health of the surrogate as well as the newborn. The intended surrogates have to undergo a complete medical checkup and prepare themselves physically and mentally to carry a child.

Intended parents and surrogates can contact Northwest Surrogacy Center either by phone or email. They can also drop in their Portland-based office to seek assistance.