NSW Residents Urged To Prepare For Summer Bushfire Season

Emergency services, researchers and meteorologists are encouraging property owners to prepare now for the 2012-13 summer bushfire season.

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – Sydney, NSW – The 2012-13 summer bush-fire season has started in New South Wales, and property owners are being urged to prepare their homes. Emergency services, researchers and meteorologists are predicting a summer with higher than average fire risk. The bush-fire season started on October 1 in Northern New South Wales, and has been declared open in the Southern region of the state on November 1. Already there has been some devastating bush-fires destroying properties on the Central Coast. In one weekend in October over 1000 volunteer fire fighters fought over 100 blazes across the state. The NSW Rural Fire Service began preparing for the season early by performing controlled back-burning of rural grasslands, in order to reduce the fuel load for bush-fires.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting both high temperatures over summer, and a longer summer than average. High temperatures, strong winds and low humidity are the ideal weather conditions for bush-fires. Meteorologists are concerned because prediction models are indicating that the early onset of above 30 degrees Celsius days in early October indicate an intense summer. Greater than average rainfall in the last two years has also caused dense vegetation growth in rural areas, a perfect fuel load for bush-fires. Researchers at the University of Melbourne are also concerned that fire conducive weather conditions are getting worse.

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons is pleading with property owners to not take the coming bush-fire season lightly. He states “NSW Rural Fire Service personnel have already attended 373 fires, compared to 180 in the same time period last year. People need to get ready now, not later. Our firefighters can not do it alone, they need people to be prepared."

Home preparation can save a property from total destruction from a fire. On October 5, marketing tycoon, John Singleton's Central Coast home was saved from a bushfire because of advance preparation. A spokesperson from the NWS Rural Fire Service said that the property had survived because it was “well prepared having clear gutters and no dry leaves on the ground”. NSW Rural Fire believed the property would not have survived the severe bushfire if not for the advance preparation.

In order to prepare for an intense summer the NSW Rural Fire Service have released a three point preparation plan for homeowners. Prepare, act and survive are the key elements of the easy to implement survival plan. The most important aspect of preparation is ensuring that gutters are clean from leaves and debris, and removing any dry leaves from the gardens. By removing this fuel load, property owners dramatically reduce the risk of damage to their property. Gutter Cleaning Sydney recommend cleaning gutters monthly during fire season. Embers can travel in high winds for kilometres ahead of the fire front, and if they land in dry debris on a hot roof, they can easily catch alight. Simple preparation of a property can prevent major destruction of properties and potential injury and death. Gutter Cleaning Sydney are encouraging individuals who can not clean their own gutters, due to age, disability or lack of safe roof access, to contact professional Sydney gutter cleaners to prepare their properties before a disaster occurs. North Shore Gutter Cleaning offer a reminder service so that property owners continue to maintain their properties throughout the bushfire season.

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