ReJuvianceĀ® Introduces Hair-D Boost - New Hair Growth Technology

ReJuvianceĀ® Corp Introduces Hair-D Boost
-New Hair Growth Technology Combines Transdermal Delivery of Vitamin D with natural antiprostaglandins to stimulate balding scalp follicles. The only product in the U.S. using recent discoveries on causes of male baldness.

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – Sarasota, FL – ā€œRejuviance Hair-D Boostā€ --- Recent international research has shown the promise of using Vitamin D to stimulate balding scalp follicles to produce hair again. Excessive amounts of Vitamin D taken internally can damage your body. Hair-D Boost uses ReJuviance transdermal technology to finely deliver low amounts of Vitamin D across the scalp directly to the hair follicles where itā€™s needed, avoiding the risk of excessive Vitamin D taken orally. Hair-D Boost also contains an herbal anti-inflammatory intended to block the recently discovered prostaglandins that are thought to be suppressing normal hair growth of balding follicles. ā€œThis is one of 11 products we have developed containing topical herbal ingredients that have been validated by western science to be effective in improving skin and hair, with early results very positive,ā€ said John Edwards, Co-founder and President of ReJuviance Products Corp.

ReJuviance Products Corp. develops, manufactures and sells rejuvenating topicals that can reliably deliver the herbals across the outer skin barrier to the foundation cells that need them. The product family includes lotions that relieve joint pain, retard skin aging, and stimulate hair regrowth to slow down baldness in men with thinning hair.

Recent Research ā€“ In July 2012 Japanese researchers demonstrated in animals that adding Vitamin D helped the process of using stem cells to generate new follicles. Other research shows that a prostaglandin compound is elevated in the scalp of bald men and if that compound could be blocked it could remove the blockage of normal follicle cells to produce hair.