Self Improvement Program Expert Reveals The Secret Behind The Secret of Deliberate Audio Program

The Secret of Deliberation Creation Review: Self Improvement expert reveals in his shocking review all the techniques used from Dr. Anthony in his audio course

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – Ireland – Graziano D'Amato self improvement program expert reveals in his shocking review “What is the secret techniques that Dr. Anthony used in the making of The Secret of Deliberation Creation Audio Program a Law of Attraction Audio Course” . According to Graziano this program has some strange secret hypnosis technique used form Dr. Robert Anthony famous author and master hypnotist. To read this full shocking review go here

According to the author of The Secret of Deliberate Creation , Dr. Anthony, he was one of the main persons that inspired the film maker Rhonda Byrne to make The Secret DVD famous movie (2006). Actually his name appears in the book along with the name Jerry and Esther Hicks ( Abraham-Hicks).

Graziano founder of Self Improvement Program says that it's very strange that “the guy“ who inspired the movie, he wasn’t in the move. But he adds that is normal, from his point view, due to the big competition that exist in self improvement world.

Graziano goes on by saying that it really doesn't matter why Dr. Anthony didn't appear in the movie. But he says that the main thing is that Dr. Anthony is one of few really deeply knowledgeable teacher about Law of Attraction and mind powers. Graziano says that in his review that you can read here that this program has complex topics made simple from this author.

According to Graziano the Dr. Anthony he has really created a master piece in the Law of Attraction audio course world, that definitely helps to close the gap between the Secret and other programs or books from famous people. But not only form a theoretical point of view but more important from practical point view.

Which according to the founder of is the key to have any success, and manifest the things that we truly want in life. Graziano says that in his review reader can find exactly why this audio program is so effective. And the types of techniques that Dr. Anthony applied in the program.

According to Graziano, is the only review that reveals the secret technique used from Dr. Anthony in The Secret of Deliberate Creation. The very technique that even the author of the program himself did not want mention in the pitch page. Also in the review there is a full report of how this entire program works and what Graziano was able to manifest with use of Dr. Antony’s audio course.

So if you want know more go read the full review go here

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