ITIL for Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library for "Infrastructure Library Information technology") is a body of literature identifying good practices ("best practices") management information system.

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Originally drafted by experts from the UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC), ITIL has involved from the version 3 experts from several service companies such as Accenture, Ernst & Young, Hewlett Packard, Deloitte, BearingPoint and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

This is a very large repository that contains the following topics:

• How to organize an information system?
• How to improve the effectiveness of information system?
• How can we reduce the risks?
• How to increase the quality of services?

After a mostly European development until the late 1990s, ITIL is located on the North American market through business transformation consulting information systems.
Version 3, in 2007, resulted in an even wider adoption in particular due to the proliferation of translations repository. However, the complexity of some volumes and the presence of some inconsistencies led the British government to update the books in 2011, under the name of ITIL version 2011 [1]. The OGC has also abandoned the property to another organization ITIL British Government, the Cabinet Office.

Recommendations of ITIL and organizational position blocks flow of information. Many computer operating software are consistent with these recommendations.

What is ITIL?

The adoption of ITIL best practices by a company ensures its customers (internal and external) service meets predetermined quality standards at international level. ITIL is the basis of BS15000 (first standard ITSM formal and international) a quality close to the ISO standards, for example.

ITIL allows, through a process approach clearly defined and monitored to improve the quality of SI and assistance to users in creating such function (in the sense "department of the company") or Services Centre " Service Desk "(extension of" help desk ") which centralizes and manages the overall management information systems. ITIL is ultimately a kind of "rules" the department of companies that adopt it.

The business benefits are better traceability of all actions of the department. This allows improved monitoring continuously optimize service processes to achieve a maximum level of quality customer satisfaction.

While ITIL focuses on systems existing organizations in an integrated way, ITIL was not originally designed for the governance of information systems. However, according to the company Metrixware [2] in its version 3 ITIL addresses the governance of information systems. Anyway, ITIL is very focused on the information system, its use for the governance of information systems pose the question anyway strategic alignment of information systems with business processes.
Other approaches to governance are:
• For information systems governance, CobiT model,
• For a coordinated governance of the business organization and information systems: see decision analysis modeling of complex systems.


The management repository services rendered on the basis of an IT infrastructure and telecommunications, following ITIL is known of ITSM (IT Service Management).

ITSM is internationally standardized in ISO / IEC 20000. However, ISO 20000 overlaps the issue of business processes, what ITIL is worse. ITIL can support other types of standards such as CobiT (used for audits). Other popular styles are the CMMI for software development and S3M [3] for small software maintenance.

The new version 3 was released on 30 May 2007. The new library consists of five books.

Description of the ITIL V2

In ITIL version 2 is grouped around 8 pounds of base.

The first two books are the game service management IT service management). They are usually implemented as a priority.

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