releases inbound fake call and fake text service
11/22/2012 offers subscribers the ability to schedule incoming calls and text messages to their phones directly from an easy-to-use interface.

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – San Jose, California –, a virtual call platform, has announced the official launch of their fake call and fake text messaging services. The company offers subscribers the ability to schedule incoming calls and text messages to their phones directly from an easy-to-use interface found at While other fake calling apps have ineffectively attempted to mimic calling functions on smartphones only, BlowUpMyPhone adds an entirely new level of credibility to the mix for all telephone users alike- mobile or landline. The service uses real calls and text messages to deliver pre-recorded dialogues that make subscribers appear to be engaged in real conversation, all the while they’re gaining valuable ‘social currency’ in real time.

A phone that keeps ringing is associated with success and desirability. This website can have a direct hand in helping radiate your awesomeness to anyone within earshot. BlowUpMyPhone’s fake calls and text messages will promote popularity during new encounters with the opposite sex and convey importance in the company of colleagues or potential business contacts. Its usefulness is even applicable in providing elegant exit strategies when a user is faced with a sticky situation. The service is available in 180 countries and allows subscribers to schedule unlimited calls and text messages to any phone starting at $4.99/month.

Q. What is Blow up my phone?
A. Blow Up My Phone is a revolutionary new web interface that gives you the power to schedule fake phone calls and text messages right to your mobile device. It’s completely up to you- you choose the time, select the specific recording for your desired phone call, or type out a text message you wish to receive. Simply assign a phone number or set a custom caller ID to accompany the call or text of your choice, and you’ll be fielding fictitious mobile attention that others will take notice of in no time!

Q. Psychology behind the project?
A. While originally designed as a mere mode of transmitting voice communication from person to person, upon closer inspection, it’s undeniable that a telephone also has the power to shape how others perceive you. Telephones can be employed as powerful tools capable of communicating ideas about the very people on their lines. Case in point- if a guy receives a call from a girl asking him to go out, he is not solely communicating with the girl. In fact, an unspoken residual communication exchange also takes place between the guy and all of the bystanders within earshot might they be friends, family, or even coworkers. Whether intentional or not, it is apparent to those around him that he has a girl highly interested in him, and further more, she wants to hang out. It doesn’t take an expert to understand how this minor phone call can positively affect the opinions and presumptions of those who witness it. A man in high demand, is just that- a man in high demand. What you once perceived as a meager phone call now has the capacity to subconsciously personify popularity. Take a moment to consider the enduring effects of phone calls like the one previously discussed on a daily basis. With Blow Up My Phone you can forge this type of social currency in real time, at your discretion..

Q. What do I use Blow up my phone for?
A. Blow Up My Phone has an array of practical applications in your every day life. Whether you have a general interest such as simply increasing the amount of calls and texts sent to your mobile device to appear more popular, or your motivation takes on a more specific purpose such as making a nosey ex-girlfriend jealous, Blow Up My Phone is the solution for you! Social networking websites such as Facebook pioneered the basic ideas behind this type of social currency, where the more friends, wall posts, and photo comments you have are directly correlated to your popularity. We have perfected these ideas, and now offer them in real time with our Blow Up My Phone service. Furthermore, the service can even be employed to aid in getting out of an awkward or sticky situations, say a first date gone wrong? The possibilities are endless with Blow Up My Phone.