10rate is a New Source for Quick and Simple Consumer Product Reviews

10rate.com is a product review site that can be considered a boiled down version of Consumer Reports. Users can find what they are looking for in a simple and quick format.

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – Atlanta, Georgia – A quick scan of the internet reveals a plethora of web sites dedicated to bringing product reviews, specs, and prices. Most of these sites are made up of customer reviews or specs pulled directly from the manufacturers. However, some do it differently. 10rate.com is a site that covers many categories of products from all sorts of electronics to kitchen appliances to golf equipment. The products are arranged in top 10 lists and rated from 1 to 10 based on which the editors think are the best. Quality, Value, and Budget awards are also given out to help surfers find which products will best fit their needs.

10rate states their goals in the About section of the site. "Our goal is making product and service selection easy for our customers through use of our top 10 lists. 10rate strives to bring you the best expert Top 10 Review lists available on the Internet. There are no marketing influences behind our ratings. We present the information to you in an easy to use format so that you may see our editors choices on the best quality (regardless of price), the best budget (based on a good product with a budget price), and the best value (based on a combination of price and quality). Our product and service ratings are convenient and easy to understand based on a 1-10 rating. We are one of the only review companies that actually assigns a relevant numerical rating to each product. All of our top 10 lists and product reviews are generated by a combination of factors during our research including hands on reviews, consumer reviews of the product or service, and intense specification and features scrutiny."

10rate has also published a Manifesto to further explain their purpose. It states, "Life is about Choices. We have Busy Lives and Numerous Decisions to make. And never enough Time. Who do you Trust to give you Advice? Decisions can be tough. Too Many Choices. How do you Save Time. We Make it Easy. By providing Expert Top 10 Lists for Everything in your Life. Today’s world is Busy. How can you Choose Faster? What’s the Average number of daily choices in a persons life? Thousands. 10rate is an Independent Source, Unbiased, and does not accept direct advertising from companies whose products or services we recommend. Expert research. Each top 10 list takes hours of research. Our Goal is to Make it Easy. We Give you top quality, value and budget options – Quickly. If you want to read a 2 or 3 page review on a product or service, we are not that site. There are plenty out there that do a good job with the very long, extensive reviews. We hit the Highlights. We boil it down for you. We write De-constructed reviews. We could write those lengthy versions, but we want to give you the Essentials with Ratings on a 10 point scale, Strengths and Weaknesses of the product, the Quick Specs – a Summary about why the product or service is in our Top 10 List. Tools to help you make your Decision Fast. How confusing are most review sites ratings? Little dots, half colored circles, complicated numeric systems to figure out, or vague 5 star ratings with little variation. We make it simple. We give you the Top 10 with a 1-10 rating. We want you to Use us, Like us, Come Back to us, Share your experiences. Use 10rate.com to Avoid Decision Fatigue."