Shopping for Google Android Products with Heavenly Android is Simply Divine

Knowing whether a product is compatible with your Android device can be confusing. Heavenly Android store takes this confusion away.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – November 18 - 2012UK – Android has never been more popular. Based on research business Reuters, three quarters of all mobile phones bought in the last 3 months use Google Android’s platform. In spite of this, head into any mobile phone store on the high-street / look at any online shop, and you’ll discover that pretty much every accessory is aimed towards Apple.

Even products which are compatible with Android are promoted more towards Apple's iPhone, which produces doubt in the Android consumers mind. Determining if an item will work with a device is often hard, confusing at best. Up to now.

Heavenly Android’s internet marketing executive, Melissa Berks said: "It‘s really easy to shop for Apple gadgets, however the same can’t be said for Android accessories. We found a gap in this sector that required filling, and we truly feel that we're qualified for this task as we have expertise in this area of mobile phone tech, having written an Android technologies website for the last 24 months, providing useful information and guidance."

Melissa Berks continued: "We feel that shopping for Android products should be a much more pleasant and simple experience, and that’s what we aim to give to our customers. We have a useful filter that consumers can use to easily find suitable products to meet their needs We’re very excited about the launch of our Heavenly Android store."

Heavenly Android is a brand new online store that caters purely to Google Android consumers within the UK. It aims to transform and unify the way that consumers shop for their products. There’s no need to search high and low through shop after shop, reading and rereading descriptions to be sure they’re compatible, as every item in the store is.