From a Small Start Czechmate Logistics Continues to Grow and Grow

Use of a freight broker who offers competitive rates and efficient customer service improves efficiency.

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – Tampa, FL – Back in the year 2000 a new Tampa, Florida based company was formed in the logistics field. Designed to exploit the perceived gap in the market for a freight broker who offered competitive rates and efficient customer service.

Customer service is the key. Logistics as a field of endeavor is a large and competitive one as the cost of moving goods from where they are to where they are wanted is filled with inexperienced people competing on price and using the lowest and cheapest forms of transport possible.

Inevitably this leads to breakdown and missed schedules or worse. In addition, customer service is a luxury that many of these companies appeared not to consider as important.

Czechmate thought otherwise and decided that Customer service was, in fact, vital to the long term sustainability and success of any freight services company. Sure the rates have to be competitive and the actual movement of the goods efficient and reliable, but if a customer is well served and kept up to date with any problems encountered along the way or the delivery or pick up being behind schedule, he is far more likely to be forgiving than if he is surprised by the failure of the goods to arrive on time. Late arrival may hold up a production line costing a factory thousands of dollars.

Czechmate Logistics bears this in mind and has set up their entire operation to ensure that customer service is impeccable. As a freight broker they use a number of independent freight shipping carriers to work for them.

They have been very selective in the actual transport companies that they use to move their customer's freight when the customer actually wants it moved. In addition, their prices are very competitive so the customer will find using them as inexpensive as they themselves could arrange.

Typically logistics is a specialty on its own. A manufacturer is a specialist in what he does. He usually employs financial specialists to handle his money and sales and marketing specialists to handle those aspects. Many companies have found a lot of benefit in appointing logistics experts to handle the movement of materials inward and final product outward. Their management time has been reduced and they have found a good deal of relief in having these headaches removed.

So whichever type of freight you want moved, try them for a freight shipping quote. As a freight broker they will ensure you get a free freight shipping quote that will suit your needs.

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