Own Brand Whey Protein now from Supplement Warehouse

Supplement Warehouse stock a complete range of Whey Protein including their own label product

Online PR News – 22-November-2012 – 11/19/2012, London, London – London, London Supplement Warehouse stocks a wide range of products, from fitness equipment to whey protein powder( http://www.supplementwarehouse.co.uk/acatalog/Whey_Protein.html ), all for theindividual either aiming to get into shape or those aiming to stay in shape. This branded product comes in three tantalisingflavours— strawberry, vanilla and chocolate meaning there is something to suit everyone's palate. It is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates which makes it suitable for anyone with bodybuilding, weight lifting, health and fitness and personalappearance goals. Each serving provides 21 grams of whey protein powder, which holds 113 calories and only 1.05 gramsof fat.

Whey protein powder is a combination of globular proteins derived from whey; a liquid material formed in cheeseproduction. Whey is easily assimilated by the body, which makes it a highly nutritious product to mix and carry whilst youare on the go. Supplement Warehouse offers a free shaker with every purchase of its 2.25 kg tub of whey protein powder tomake it easy for you to carry and make-up your healthy nutritious drink. Protein powder is in popular demand by athletesand exercise enthusiasts, as it provides a good supply of amino acids to support the building blocks of protein.

The benefits of protein powder are far greater in the human body, as there are current investigations into its ability to inhibitthe risk of disease. The body can digest whey protein powder easily. In fact, studies have proven that whey protein powdercan improve the growth of lean muscle mass versus no supplementation.

The regular intake of whey protein powderis the easiest way to supply the body with all of the amino acids it needs tomaintain optimum health, but there is ongoing research into its effect on cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Whey is rich inbranched chain amino acids, which stimulate protein synthesis and provide a good source of energy for working muscles.

Leucine is an important amino acid, as it supports protein synthesis, although higher levels of this amino acid speeds up therecovery and adaptation that muscle can suffer during intense bouts of exercise. Large levels of whey protein powdercanimprove cellular glutathione levels. This antioxidant increases the body's defences against free radical damage and toxins.

Adding protein powder to a shaker makes it one of the easiest ways to mix water or milk to a smooth shake. Supplement Warehouse( http://www.supplementwarehouse.co.uk/ ) offers a free shaker with every tub of its 2.25 kg protein powder.

About Supplement Warehouse: Supplement warehouse provides both own branded products and well-known brands atfair prices. The website is easy to navigate, and to the left of the main page is the option to shop by category or brand.