Ion Alloy Wheels 15% off Thanksgiving Offer

Ion Alloy Wheels is offering a discount for Wheels bought during this Thanksgiving Day. Visit their online store and place your order today. They will also guarantee free shipping for residents of the United States.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Tampa, Florida – Ion Alloy Wheels is an online store that caters for all your vehicle wheel needs. They have a 15 % off offer for all the wheels you shop with them on Thanksgiving Day. Discounts are being offered throughout the Thanksgiving Holiday on 22nd November. If you are within the United States, Free shipping is guaranteed. This offer is to make sure that you have a less strenuous Thanksgiving in terms of your car. The Wheels are available at low prices and you can be assured that they are a top of the line collection.

Ion Alloy Wheels has made it a mission to ensure that your car wheels are a great brand that does not fail in terms of performance. Their wheels are well known to give great service no matter your type of vehicle. Maintenance is also very crucial for the wheels and this is something Ion Alloy Wheels has in mind when manufacturing each of the wheels.

Ion Alloy Wheels have a strong design that sets them apart from all the wheels. They undergo a high quality engineering and manufacturing process that ensures customers get quality wheels. Some of the wheels with the discounting Thanksgiving offer include: Ion Alloy Wheels 114 Chrome, Ion Alloy Wheels 115 Chrome, Ion Alloy Wheels 137 Black/Machined Lip, Ion Alloy Wheels 138 Polished, Ion Alloy Wheels 148 Chrome, Ion Alloy Wheels 161 Hyper silver/Machined Face, Ion Alloy Wheels 171 Black Machine Lip, Ion Alloy Wheels 182 Matte Black Machined, Ion Wheels 185 Matte Black, Ion Alloy Wheels 195 Matte Black Machined among others.

Ion Alloy Wheels have been made to satisfy all their customer needs. Be it a truck driver, a BMW driver, SUV driver, Porsche driver: all the vehicle wheels are available. Designs are also in plenty and whichever suits your needs, you get it. They also come in great looks.

This is a great opportunity to get high quality wheels for your vehicle at low prices. Wheel Accessories at Ion Alloy Wheels are also available to make your wheel have the great looks and also aid in maintenance. Visit Ion Alloy Wheel Stores online today and get value for your money. On this Thanksgiving Day visit their online site for more information.