QuickFixSynthetic.com – Now Offering the Strap at Discounted Prices

QuickFixSynthetic.com, an authorized reseller for Spectrum Labs is now offering the strap to hold the bottle of synthetic urine and keep it warm. People can get this neoprene strap for just $24.95.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – HAYWARD, CA – Hayward, California 21 November 2012: People can now hold the bottle of their synthetic urine and keep it warm by using the strap, which is especially designed to fit around the upper thigh. QuickFixSynthetic.com has come up with the strap for their customers at prices lower than the regular value of $29.99.

Talking about the company, a senior executive working with them stated, “QuickFixSynthetic.com takes immense pride for being the leading reseller of Spectrum Labs patented Quick Fix fake urine at the lowest possible prices. When you buy your kit of synthetic urine from us, rest assured for passing drug tests. You can count on our outstanding customer service to clear all your doubts and queries.”

The strap, a comfortable neoprene holder is designed to wrap around the upper thigh of the users. It holds the bottle of synthetic urine and keeps it warm for a longer period of time. Ideal for all synthetic urine needs, it is more reliable than the old way of using hand warmers. This neoprene strap comes with a lifetime warranty to keep the urine at the perfect temperature all the time. Further, it fits all the sizes and does not require extra heating pads to be effective.

While discussing about use of Quick Fix 5.7, the senior executive added, “There are numerous uses for fake urine, however a drug test is the most popular one. Many companies conduct random drug screenings on their potential employees. To tackle such situations, synthetic urine has come up as a great option to clear the drug test without detection.”

With the fast shipping service, QuickFixSynthetic.com has earned a reliable name in the market. Catering to customers' quick needs of fake urine for drug test, they ship three times daily and offer overnight shipping as well.

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QuickFixSynthetic.com is a one stop destination for people seeking the Quick Fix 5.7 synthetic urine manufactured by Spectrum Labs. They are well-known for selling the synthetic urine kit with 10 packs of Quick Fix 5.7 fake pee.

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