Pipettes of a Varied Range Available at Block Scientific

Block Scientific’s product offerings are of high utility value for laboratory professionals around the globe

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – New York – A leading medical laboratory equipment supplier in the US, Block Scientific offers a range of pipettes that find great use in laboratories. The company’s quality offerings serve the requirements of laboratory professionals handling a broad range of pipetting tasks. Block Scientific offers several types of pipettes: adjustable or fixed volume handled; single-channel, multi-channel, and more.

The products are available from the leading manufacturer VistaLab Technologies.

Pipettes offered by Block Scientific include:

• MLA Digital Pipettes
• MLA Precision Pipettes
• MLA D-Tipper Pipettes
• MLA Micro D-Tipper Pipettes
• MLA Macro Pipettes
• Ovation Adjustable Volume Pipettes
• Ovation Electronic Single Channel Pipette
• Ovation Fixed Volume Pipettes
• Ovation Electronic Multichannel Pipettes

Ovation adjustable volume pipette can be easily adjusted without tools to compensate for environmental conditions and/or liquid types. To perform testing requiring multiple or nonstandard volumes, MLA-brand Digital adjustable pipettes are the ideal choice. The models are available in ranges 10-50µL 50-200µL, and 200-1000µL. MLA-brand Macro Volume pipettes are made of precision engineered aluminum alloy and stainless steel. These models are ideal for large volume pipetting tasks such as reconstituting reagents, controls, or dilutions. A wide range of maintenance parts and pipette accessories are also available at Block scientific. Clients can check the online store to review the specifications, compare features and check prices. With years of industry experience to its credit, Block Scientific delivers consistently superior lab and medical equipment solutions. To learn more about the company, visit www.blockscientificstore.com today.

About Block Scientific

Established in 1980, Block Scientific is a New York based laboratory equipment supplier, offering a range of new and reconditioned laboratory equipment and supplies to meet the unique demands of its clients. Over the years, Block Scientific has developed an excellent reputation, delivering quality and reliable laboratory products and support services to a global clientele.

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