Lightning Masts by LBA Technology Offer More Critical Protection Options With Three New Height

Lightning security for outdoor assets has just gotten easier. LBA Technology now offers three new models to complement its noted PLP-30 lightning mast system.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – North Carolina – Greenville, NC, November 21, 2012 -- Lightning security for outdoor assets has just gotten easier. LBA Technology now offers three new models to complement its noted PLP-30 lightning mast system. Lightning creates worldwide equipment damage and loss of life. The new models permit more effective protection of critical infrastructure and personnel.

Ranging from 14’ (4.3m) to 38’ (11.6m), models PLP-14, PLP-22, and PLP-38 have all the convenience and durability of the PLP-30. All also use a UL-listed streamer retarding air terminal and comply with NFPA standards.

Many outside installations are natural targets for lightning strikes. Solar installations, mobile satellite dishes, gas metering stations, logistics staging areas, pumping systems, and command center vehicles are just a few vulnerable assets. The PLP-series lightning masts are available in both fixed and portable styles to protect all types of at risk systems. The UL-listed streamer-retarding dissipator air terminal on the PLP mast has proven effective in dissipating lightning charges, but can also safely terminate lightning bolt discharges. Unlike conventional lightning rods, the PLP charge dissipater lightning mast stands alone and provides a cone of protection; shielding vehicles, combustibles, equipment, electronics, and wiring from discharges.

“With the combination of air terminal and streamer dissipating technology, PLP lightning masts provide an unequaled lightning protection package for strike vulnerable assets,” said LBA Chief Technology Officer Dr. Chris Horne, PE. “A lot of customers like the fact that the PLP masts have this functionality, yet are readily deployable.”

For example, one PLP-30 lightning protection mast can provide a 40 foot (12m) radius cone of protection for pumping systems up to eight feet high. Multiple lightning masts can be situated to protect larger areas: Five PLP-30 masts erected in a designated pattern can protect a field hospital in an area of 25,000 square feet (2320 square meters). The PLP lighting masts are now available in 14’ (4.3m), 22’ (6.7m), 30’ (9m), and 38’ (11.6m) heights to match a wide range of applications and budgets.

Fully NFPA and UL compliant, the PLP-series masts are precisely fabricated of durable aluminum alloy and engineered to resist at least 80 mph (128 kph) winds without guy wires. Optional base systems allow multiple takedown and reuse, or permanent installation. The fixed base option permanently attaches the lightning protection masts to concrete or steel structures. The portable base option permits rapid field deployment, or may be used as a non-penetrating roof mount. Two people can easily install any PLP system in less than one hour.

LBA engineers are available to assist in designing the proper configuration of PLP-series masts to suit any application.
For ultimate deployment convenience, LBA offers complete flyaway kits, for all masts, of which the PLK-30PK is typical. The PLK-30PK flyaway kit includes screw-together mast components, portable base, hold down stakes, and ground system components. The system is kitted in a heavy-duty carry bag weighing less than 100 pounds (45.5 kg), for easy assembly and transport. All configurations of the PLP-series lightning mast can be conveniently overnighted by most express services such as UPS or FedEx.
Early adopters of the PLP-series mast kits include Northrup-Grumman Corp., the Canadian Defence Forces, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Details of the PLP-series and other LBA Technology lightning protection products are at

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