Growing, Nurturing And Prioritizing Your Friendships

New book is a must-read for all women looking to strengthen their own lives through quality relationships.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – LOS ANGELES, CA – Authors Diane Gage Lofgren and Margaret Bhola have released Women I Want To Grow Old With: Grow Old Together With Courage, Health and Attitude (Volume 1) to inspire women to put time and energy into making and keeping female friends – for a lifetime.

Most people don’t realize that, according to studies, when women hang out with friends, their bodies release the hormone oxytocin, which combats stress and creates calm.

And that’s just one reason the authors developed Women I Want to Grow Old With! The book is packed with insights, tips, and stories to motivate and inspire you to value female friendships and take action now to design and secure your friendship future.

The book provokes intentionally investing in your friendships, just as you would your health and finances, so Women I Want to Grow Old With covers everything from ways to keep virtual friendships alive to getting over and moving beyond friendship irritants and breakdowns.

Women of all ages will be guided and inspired to breathe new life and excitement into their relationships by seeing female friends as “intention holders”—women who encircle us with the love and support we all need. This is an excellent book club pick!

A must-read book for women who are willing to “create female friendships with an investment of time and goodwill” and not leave friendships to chance. The authors make an important distinction between “catching up with friends” and being “part of each other’s life.” They challenge us to tell the truth about friendships and do what it takes to be the kind of friend we want and need others to be. -- Margie Blanchard, Co-founder, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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Diane Gage Lofgren is the author of nine books and scores of magazine articles on personal and business relationships and is passionate about maintaining and growing her female friendships! She is the Chief Communication Officer for a national health care organization.

Margaret Bhola is a health advocate, consultant and National Marketing Director for NSA with an extensive background in health education, business, sales and marketing and human relations.

Title: Women I Want To Grow Old With: Grow Old Together With Courage, Health and Attitude (Volume 1)
Author: Diane Gage Lofgren, Margaret Bhola
Published date: October 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1467917445
Publisher: CreateSpace