Moleskine Releases New Range Of Diaries For 2013

Artistic and creative individuals consider Moleskine to be the best diaries and notebooks available. Moleskine is releasing new items in 2013 including the Evernote Smart Notebook, Star Wars and Peanut themed notebooks and more.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Sydney, Australia – Moleskine notebooks are the go to notebooks for the creative and artistic geniuses in modern society. Created originally by an inspired French bookbinder in the alleyways of Paris, this humble design has been the unheralded backdrop behind some of mankind greatest artistic and literary masterminds. But taken at face value what sets this simple notebook apart from the plethora of like minded competition?

The smooth rounded corners, the elastic page-holder and an internal pocket to store items. The functionality of the notebook does not seem remarkable, so where does the brilliance come in? Ask any artist and they will have one simple answer. The grain of the paper. It is smooth, yet holds the grain of the graphite with precision. It ushers forth creativity from the blandest of individuals. But more than creativity is needed in this “crash and dash” corporate world, so Moleskine have upped the ante. With diligence at the fore, they introduced the Moleskine diary, and it has become a perennial favourite. Corporate suits and tertiary students have been keeping their lives in order with renewed focus and attentiveness. Blending together traditional bookbinding techniques and that illustrious paper with clean lined day and month schedules, this has become “the diary” for those with a discerning eye. But what's new for Moleskine diaries in 2013?

Evernote Smart Notebook

Technology has become the fifth element in this rampaging world, and it is high time that tradition keeps up. With the onslaught of new smart-phones and tablets, society is always for a one size fits all tool. Smart-phones have become the diary, organiser, and musing pad of the large percentage of city commuters. So how can a simple black notebook keep up?

Enter a combination that proves synergy exists. Evernote and Moleskine have teamed up to produce the Evernote Smart Notebook. More than just a smartphone app or a notebook. This combines the functionality, accessibility and sharability of a smartphone with the creative inspiration of a traditional notebook. The Evernote software allows organisation of all the data in your notebook, and the smart camera feature allows you to capture every page and store it in your phone. Your drawings, appointments, stories and meeting notes can then be shared between devices. Smart stickers are included in the package and help the Evernote operating system to instantly tag and store your pages into pre-defined folders. Organisation optimised, no more will you be scrambling through your notebook trying to find that phone number or address. The Evernote Smart Notebook comes in pocket and large size and comes with 3 months free Evernote premium subscription. Available at corporate gifts shop Australia wide.

New Colours

Moleskine has always stuck close to it's roots by only distributing diaries and notebooks in traditional black and red. In 2013 they will expand their range to include a new variety of bright colours. Yellow, green, pink and purple will join the ranks of Moleskine in 2013. The only limitation is that stocks are limited to the Diary/Daily Planner large range. But keep an eye out for future release.

Limited Edition Releases

Moleskine has continued with it's ongoing obsession to provide themed notebooks based on some of the worlds most popular pop and cultural icons. 2013 sees the introduction of Star Wars, Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) and Peanuts. Splurged with pictures, quotes and themed details, these planners will be the Moleskine diary 2013 best sellers. Available at corporate gifts shops.

Moleskine Photo Books

Another collaboration for Moleskine, this time with the designers and creators of MILK photo books, PQ Blackwell. You can now create and print your favourite photographs into a traditional Moleskine notebook. Using the Moleskine Photo Books online app ( individuals can choose the layout and design, and the printed notebook will shipped to your address. The photo notebooks come with the traditional rounded corners, elastic page-holder and professional photo replication. The notebooks come from 20to 200 pages, and shipping will be available in 2013.

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