Social Sharing Startup Takes Aim at Pinterest

Ring of Five transforms image sharing through the power of rings.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – San Jose, CA – Sifting through the amount of content that is liked, shared, or recommended throughout social networks can be a daunting task, even for the most active of social media users. Enter Ring of Five (, a new social sharing platform that encourages users to create and share small rings of content on any subject matter.

“Our objective is to highlight the most important content that users want to share,” said Joe Sullivan, founder of Ring of Five. “Users should not have to scroll through a never-ending page of images to find what’s valuable.”

The idea of the website is simple. Users create rings of content, called Fun Rings, on any subject matter, such as their favorite restaurants or pets. Users can then share these Fun Rings with their contacts, who are grouped into Broadcast Rings.

Technically, the site does not require or limit the number of items in a ring to five. But “five” is still integral to the theme of the platform, and the inspiration behind the startup. “From the five guys we skateboarded with as kids, to the five pizza places we had to try in New York City, many things in life seemingly always boil down to five,” said Sullivan. “Sharing and content distribution should be similar.”

Metaphorically speaking, Ring of Five can be described as "Yahoo Groups meets
Pinterest." Users can communicate and share through SMS text message, email, and the website. Likewise, users can like, comment, upload images, and add content to rings directly from the web as they browse.

Ring of Five is available to all users for free at