A shot. A hole. One of a kind. – Revolver California’s fashion takes off!

Californian label exceeds all expectations of sensation-hungry fashionistas with new T-Shirt collection.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Tampa, FL. – How does the wearer of a T-shirt with a real bullet hole feel? After all, they are an eye-catcher having survived at least one duel. The trophy – a black velvet pouch with the originally fired caliber 45 cartridge – leaves no doubt: here is someone who stands out from the crowd of T-shirt wearers to show individuality. The wearer – man or woman – feels immortal.

And that was exactly the idea of Butch, Jesse, Doc and Clay, the founders of Revolver California – the worldwide unrivaled T-shirt label: “I am wearing Revolver California, therefore I am.” Who is behind this “statement fashion” that has already attained cult status? Only that much is clear: four avant-garde stars from the world of music, film, art and fashion have met at a gallery opening and decided to break through the barrier of the old and tired uniformity of the textile chains, developing a truly new design, that clearly seeks to orient itself toward the fashion-interested individual.

So far so good, but nobody knows the four for the simple reason that they are literally hiding their true identity behind masks when appearing in public. It is a fantasy-inspired special effect that continues to baffle media and fans alike. Unless there is an improbable unmasking, they will continue to develop their collection in a downright conspiratorial fashion, and each and every time the results are home runs. Sounds like a fairy tale and even seems to be one. With happy metal end!

This much has leaked out: the designers have declared war on mediocrity. For them Revolver California is not about the sensational. With their collection they are much more striving for a firework of successes, and the enthusiasm of people all over the world proves them right. Thousands and thousands of fans swap notes via Facebook - just barely a few months after Revolver California„s first appearance! The twitter community too has grown in leaps and bounds and keeps growing…..

Working covertly lets them create from selected textiles and materials exquisitely hand finished T-shirts. They demonstrate to the profit-oriented manufacturers in low-wage countries that LA works much better for them to operate their Revolver California production plant - incognito, that goes without saying! LA - a fountain of creativity without revealing its source. That catches on, gives an impetus and what emerges is a high level of excellence.

Every single shirt is one of a kind due to the “bulletproof” feature. A detachable textile label shows precisely the location where the “Hitman” has placed his shot.
All Revolver California shirts will be shipped with a classy hang tag in the form of a small black velvet pouch that contains the originally fired caliber 45 cartridge as well as a chrome-gleaming dog-tag necklace.

Only after all stated accessories and the shirt have reached the customer it will be truly an original Revolver California T-shirt. By means of the registration number which is engraved in the dog-tag, the customer is at any time able to verify with the Revolver California customer service the T-shirt‟s authenticity. Furthermore, this registration number is his or her admission ticket to join the legendary Revolver California VIP-Club. Thus, the divine spark of the spirits melts with their ideas. Indeed a felicitous fusion!

It is pretty unique in the world of fashion that a label pays individual attention to the wearer of its products. Revolver California does this wholeheartedly since anything but cultivating such direct interchange would simply make no sense.

On this subject, Clay of Revolver California opines: “For us it is more than fundamental to know that our classy necklace, numbered by hand, is intended for one single person. It is not exaggerated if we say this: Everything we do is only done for our supporters!”

Being curious is allowed. Before the year is up Butch, Jesse, Doc and Clay are going to present the results of their research into the complexity of the yearnings amongst people. The Revolver California-T-shirt collection bears the motto: “Ideas are bulletproof. It‟s nice to wear them”. One wish they are not going to fulfill, no matter what: lifting the secret of their identities.