Edward Palonek finds new ways to help Americans pay for the Obama Health Plan

Every day thousands of people lose track of their bank accounts, cash, stocks, bonds, refunds, safe deposit boxes and gift cards. Edward Palonek of foundmoney.com is helping people just like you reunite with their unclaimed cash.

Online PR News – 31-March-2010 – – President Obama has passed universal health care for all Americans. The problem however, is that people will now have to pay directly for their health coverage, while still trying to pay all their other household bills. Many Americans will simply have a hard time making these extra payments.

Edward Palonek, founder of Foundmoney.com has been operating since 1994 where thousands of people have found a small fortune, by searching for unclaimed money. People find money in many places like street corners, old jackets, but few consider the idea of finding money online. The new trend is to search for money online. While there are many websites, Foundmoney stands out of the crowd.

Virtually every company is holding unto some form of unclaimed money or property. Many of these are banks cannot locate an account holder because they moved and forgot to change their address or have passed away and their heirs were not aware of these accounts. In a lot of cases these amounts are small, such as a $100 utility deposit that was forgotten about, while in other cases millions have been returned such as the heirs to the survivors of the Holocaust who have claimed over $1 billion.

More often, a widower may find out that their husband had a life insurance policy that was left unclaimed, such as the case where the Treasurer of Massachusetts, Shannon O’Brien returned more than $525,000 in life insurance proceeds to a local woman in Boston.

“There are millions and millions of dollars that become unclaimed yearly, so chances of finding some extra cash to help offset the new Health Care Plan by Obama, could be quite good. During these tough economic times, taking action now could put some much needed money in the pockets of thousands of Americans, and every little bit helps”, says Palonek.

These unclaimed assets come from Stocks and Bonds, Checks, Wages/Payroll, Insurance, Court Deposits, Accounts, Utilities, Trusts, Mineral Interests and Safety Deposits Boxes in Banks. Don’t delay in starting your search at foundmoney.com for unclaimed property, you may be richer than you think.

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