Artlightenment Announces Its 2012 Award Winners

The Artlightenment awards for 2012 have been announced.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Nashville, TN – The Artlightenment festival lit up the town this year with its array of film, art, theatre, cabaret, fashion and more. The show, which began in 2009, has grown into a network of activities spanning the varied fields of creativity throughout the culture. The festival was held at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Nashville. Robyn Morshead founded the show and explained: “It really is the perfect venue for this show. Where else will you find a place that can do a film festival, art show, fashion show, theatre evening and music all flawlessly in one location? It is the perfect place. Plus, the Church also reaches out to help and uplift artists and welcomes artists all the time. We couldn’t find a better place.”

“Art, Artists and the Art of Existence” is the central theme for the show and permeated the festival aimed at uplifting the culture through the arts. Morshead said, “We live in a world where artists are not treated as they should be. Artists are people who imbue life and creativity into existence and they deserve to be helped and uplifted themselves.”

The awards acknowledge those who best portray the Artlightenment theme. Deborah Gordon of the 48 Hour Film Festival distributed awards to the winners in film, and cast glass artist Marlene Rose distributed awards for visual artists.

The Artlightenment Award for Best Film went to Bob Pondillo who produced “The Miracles on Honey Bee Hill.” This film also received awards for Best Sound Design, Best Makeup, Best Costume, Best Special Effects, Best Art Direction and Best Sound Effects.

The first runner up was Melissa Maxwell with her film “Fetus Envy.” Second runner up was Logan Winton who produced “The Mosaic Man,” and third runner up was Gary Ravenscroft with the film “Three Things.”

The award for Best Director went to Chris Ranker for his film “Breather.” This film also received the award for Best Cinematography.

The Best Screenwriter award went to Sal Rinella for the film “Geek to Guido.” This film also received the awards for Best Ensemble and Best Wardrobe, and received an audience award during the Thursday night screening.

The Best Editor award went to Raquel Zemtsov for “Loaded Behavior.”

The Best Actor award went to Charlie Chapin for “Three Things” and Best Actress went to Jeanette Bonner for her role in “Fetus Envy.”

The award for Best Choreography went to “Offload” by Barry McAlister. Best Graphics award went to “Drama Mamas” by Passion. Best Opening shot went to “The Mosaic Man” by Logan Winton. Best Innovative Music was presented to Karen Lavender for “365 Poems.” The Best Student Film award went to “Through the Wall” by Inni Winberry.

The Best Musical Score went to “Molly and the Kids” by Raeanne Rubenstein. The film also received an Honorable Mention for Screenwriting and the audience award during the Friday evening screening.

The audience award for Best Actor or Actress went to Carla Christina Contreras for her role in the film “Loaded Behavior.”

The films and visual art were judged by a panel composed of: Mike Montgomery, Co-President of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Arts); Karen Carlson, TV and film actress with appearances in shows such as “I Dream of Jeannie,” “Starsky and Hutch,” “The Waltons,” “The Incredible Hulk and Days of Our Lives”; Deborah Gordon, producer of the 48-hour film project; Sherry Constanza, President of Orange Blossom Productions and Jaz Dorsey, founder of the African American Playwrights Exchange and the Foreign Language Acting Group.

The Best of Show award went to Holly Carmichael for her visual artwork.

Artistic Merit was bestowed upon Carla Christina Contreras.

In the visual art show, first place went to Audie Adams for “Stencil Blocks,” second place went to Yvette Renee for “Mixed Emotions” and third place went to Owen York for his “David Bowie.”

An Honorable Mention went to Mark Cowden for “Shades of Blue.”

The award for photography went to Deborah Gordon for her “Silent Red Pillows” and the award for student photography went to Galen Bullington for “Umbrellas.”

The award for painting (realism) went to Elaine Allen for “Found Treasure.” The painting award for representational abstract went to Leroy Hodges for “Spirit of New Orleans,” and the painting award for non-representational abstract went to Thomas Royalty for “Untitled.” The student painting award went to Lucas Littlejohn for “F-Stop Antiquity.”

The Best Mixed Media was Barbara Hodges for “Hands of Time.” Best Drawing went to John Mark Bellet for his “Self Portrait.”

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