Toyota Introduces New Pre-Collision and Crash Avoidance Systems

Toyota has developed a new pre-collision technology that they plan to release in new Toyota models

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Cookevile, TN – Toyota Motor Corporation has recently released that they have developed new pre-collision and crash avoidance technologies. These systems were produced to help during any type of collision including ones at high speeds.
This new PCS (pre-collision system) uses millimeter-wave radar to detect the risk of a rear-end collision. The system warns the driver via sound and display alerts, prompting braking as the collision is detected. When the driver applies the brakes, the PCS allows deceleration up to 37 miles per hour, greatly increasing the braking force to twice that of the average force applied by drivers. If the driver is distracted and brakes are not applied, the PCS system automatically decelerates the vehicle between 9 and 18 miles per hour.
When developing this new system, Toyota based research on real-world collision data in order to achieve rear-end collision reducing effects at the highest level in the industry. Toyota’s research shows that more than 90 percent of rear-end collisions occur when the difference in speed between the preceding and following vehicle is within 18 miles per hour. Their new PCS system aimed to help avoid and eliminate these instances.
This new PCS system will not be the only collision-avoidance technology seen by Toyota this year. Toyota is working to try to significantly reduce and eventually eliminate the number of traffic accident fatalities and injuries. They currently are conducting research and developing onboard safety devices and systems based on its Integrated Safety Management Concept, an approach that gives direction to safety technology and vehicle development.
Currently in the works is an Intelligence Clearance Sonar and Drive-Start Control system that will help reduce common parking-speed collisions. These systems will be useful for drivers in stressful situations who accidentally hit the wrong pedal or select the wrong gear. The technology will detect obstacles that are outside the driver’s line of site, then alert the driver with a sound while reducing engine power and applying the brakes.
The new pre-collision system is expected to roll out in a variety of soon-to-be-launched models while Toyota still works on developing more technologies. If you have any questions about these new safety systems, stop by Cumberland Toyota today. Helpful sales associates will be readily available to answer any questions you may have. More information on current vehicle inventory as well as service and vehicle specials can be found online at
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