LifeBio Health Debuts To Capture Life Stories And To Promote Better Health Through Reminiscence

LifeBio Health simplifies autobiography and biography creation while impacting social, spiritual, and emotional wellness in health care and senior care settings

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Columbus, Ohio – LifeBio Health is pleased to introduce the new features at to simplify the recording of short or longer biographies in health care and senior care settings.

For those facing health challenges or reaching old age, LifeBio Health provides a proprietary web-based system to empower people to create a lasting legacy without delay while increasing overall feelings of wellbeing.

Using, each participant is given a private and secure online account to create a LifeBio—on their own with the "do it yourself" approach or with the help of a family member, a volunteer in senior care or health care, or a professional caregiver. Families interview a parent or grandparent with LifeBio too. The LifeBio can be geared toward the person's background---a Veteran’s Story, a Love Story, a short “About Me” bio, a full Biography, or a Stories and Memories book with photos for someone with Alzheimer's or other forms of memory loss. Video or audio recordings can also enhance the online LifeBio.

About Me

“Every person is like a book with many chapters. The problem is that providers of care need greater knowledge of the individual’s life experiences--in order to deliver the best person-centered care. LifeBio makes that happen,” said Beth Sanders, Founder and CEO of LifeBio, “LifeBio is fighting loneliness and increasing positive emotions. It's all about relationships, and the life story is the best way to connect.”

LifeBio provides a series of online questions or sentence starters to make it simple to quickly generate a life story. It’s also a one-stop place to learn information necessary for the social history, the activity assessment, while instantly generating an “I” Care Plan for people in health centers receiving long-term care.

Dr. Robert Butler, the noted geriatrician, was a long-time proponent of the benefits of life review and reminiscence as it validates who the person is and what they have accomplished. Numerous studies track the health benefits of reminiscence for older adults. Preliminary research from Iowa State University on LifeBio found that it improved cognitive function and increased positive emotions.

LifeBio Health Authorized organizations are also able to access Life Story Journals and to offer LifeBio 101 group reminiscence therapy classes using LifeBio’s guided autobiography approach and discussion starters. In addition, LifeBio provides a Phone Interview Service to health insurers and senior living providers who want additional help with the biography recording, transcription, and publishing.

LifeBio Health Authorized organizations receive easy access to a branded LifeBio portal that participants from senior care or health care organizations use. Digital LifeBio files, once created, can be easily uploaded into various electronic health record systems. Providers also receive web-based Getting Started training for staff members in health care and senior living, assisted living, skilled nursing, adult day programs, home care, hospices, and hospitals. LifeBio’s training stresses the importance of knowing each person’s background, values, and life lessons to ensure quality service and care.

“We have successfully integrated LifeBio's storytelling, story capturing and story making into the fabric of our community....It is truly wonderful," said Dawn Elliott, Director of Lifestyle Services, Edgewater.

LifeBio is also a finalist in the 2012 TechColumbus Innovations Award category for Outstanding Product.

LifeBio captures life stories and promotes better health through reminiscence. We work with individuals, families, and senior care / health care providers to ensure that everyone has the chance to tell and share memories and experiences without delay.

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