Saving Some Green For The Environment...And For Schools

DecisionDeskā„¢, a software service company form Lakewood, OH is calling upon performing and visual arts colleges across the country to join them in their mission to reduce carbon emissions by 8.5 million pounds every year.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – LAKEWOOD, OH – Saving Some Green For The Planet...And For Schools
How DecisionDeskā„¢ plans to reduce Americaā€™s carbon footprint by 8.5 million lbs. per year.

Date: Nov 20, 2012

LAKEWOOD-In the last 40 years, more companies than ever have taken strides to go green and reduce their own negative impacts on the environment. John Knific, CEO of DecisionDeskā„¢, a software company based in Lakewood, Ohio; plans to do more than just reduce the carbon footprint of his own business. He wants to unite with every college-level performing and visual arts program in the United States and offset over 8.5 million lbs. of their combined carbon footprints by switching their audition processes from DVDs and paper applications, to DecisionDeskā€™sā„¢ completely digital, pollutant-free cloud-based audition and screening management software.

Currently, performing and visual art schools around the country that are supported by DecisionDeskā„¢ process an average of 664 auditions per program, per admissions cycle. For the schools that do not use DecisionDeskā„¢, prospective students must submit recorded auditions via DVDs along with printed responses to essay questions and other general inquiries. Not only does all of this material bury reviewers in clutter, it also adds up to massive amounts of carbon emissions every single year. Each audition package those students ship to their prospective schools contains at least one DVD and packet of approximately 5-7 pieces of paper. By the time the audition process is complete, each of those packages contributes 5.53 lbs. of emissions to the carbon footprint of each school those students apply to.

When multiplied by the roughly 664 applications each program processes per cycle, that adds up to 3,672 lbs. per program. Despite the fact that these days, 85% of colleges use digital programs for general admissions, the audition process is still done with mountains of paper and DVDs. ā€œIn a digital world such as ours,ā€ says Knific, ā€œthere is absolutely no reason for such an archaic system so clogged with waste and dragged down by inefficiency.ā€

Today, there are at least 2,327 college-level performing and visual arts programs in the United States. If every single one of them switched over to DecisionDeskā„¢ to manage their audition and screening management processes, they could offset carbon emissions by 8,544,558 lbs. (3,875 metric tons) each admission cycle. That is the rough equivalent of keeping 2,307 cars off the road every year.

DecisionDeskā„¢ has already taken over and digitized the audition and screening management processes of more than 70 such programs to date. This means in the just the last two years, they have processed 46,480 applications and offset carbon emissions by 257,034 lbs. (116 metric tons), which is roughly the equivalent of taking 69 cars off the road so far.

Aside from reducing the harmful effects the college audition process has on the environment, the CEO of DecisionDeskā„¢ says his company also reduces the harmful effects on university budgets. It is estimated that last year alone, DecisionDeskā„¢ saved its clients $1,200,000 in staff wages, by making the audition review process easier and exponentially more efficient. According to Knific, if every performing and visual arts school in the country switched to DecisionDeskā„¢, total admission expenditures across the country could be cut by approximately $581,750,000 every single year.

ā€œSustainability, lean-thinking and being green are not just passing fads or PR stunts,ā€ said Knific, ā€œthey are defining principles that should be incorporated into all facets of a company. That is why DecisionDeskā„¢ is calling upon every performing and visual arts school in the country to join them us in our mission to offset the United Stateā€™s carbon emissions by over 8.5 million lbs.ā€

About DecisionDeskā„¢

DecisionDeskā„¢ is a service company based in Lakewood, Ohio and Brooklyn, NY that utilizes cloud-based software to provide clients with the ability to process high volumes of applications with video by automating their submission and review workflow. The founders, John Knific, Eric Neuman and Marc Plotkin started DecisionDeskā„¢ out of their respective college apartments in 2008.