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SEO Internet Marketing firm provides 8 Search Engine Optimization techniques tips and services for organically improving Google SERP results.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – Search Engine Optimization techniques, tips and services for maximizing your SEO Internet marketing efforts for Google. Including the impending full launch of the Google Caffeine infrastructure and algorithm update. Each of these 8 SEO techniques and tips are firmly grounded in organic Best Practice methods. They include both on-site and off-site SEO techniques.

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1. Update website content as often as possible. Updated content reflects a site that's not stagnant. Your visitors take notice of this activity. Also, your target audience search trends change so it's important to monitor them and change your content to capitalize on this. Failure to do so will leave the door open for your competition to gain business that could've been yours.

2. Website content should always remain relevant to a site's theme, products or services. Your content should also contain some form of selling points or quantifiable benefits to increase conversions or leads. An example of a quantifiable benefit would be the average return on investment your product or service produces. An example of a selling point would be some form of a guarantee. Failure to include a selling point or quantifiable benefit will more often than not result in a higher bounce rate and less potential leads

3. Review your Meta Title and Description Tags (MTDT)- Your MTDT are very important for accuracy and relevancy of site indexing. Your Title Tag should contain your most important keywords. Clear, concise, and informative Meta Tags can produce higher ranking SERP's. Also, review your sub MTDT to make sure it contains the keywords that accurately reflect each additional page of your website. Accurate and relevant sub MTDT can often rank higher than your primary MTDT.

4. Your Meta Description Tag also offers you a chance to clearly and concisely explain what your site contains and why people should visit. Include a quantifiable benefit or selling point to help reduce click-through. Reducing click-through will result in more traffic. Increased traffic will result in more conversions providing you address tip 3 below.

5. Analyze and improve your page download times. While it's not entirely clear how much emphasis Google is placing on site down load times what is clear is the following: Slow loading websites frustrate visitors. Frustrated visitors look elsewhere for their needs. They will back click off your website and visit your competition. Resulting in a poor conversion rates and lost leads.

6. Include only Quality outbound links in your website. High quality outbound links are links that are relevant to your website's core subject or service. Avoid link exchange offers (cross linking) that don’t relate at all to your business or service. Your website should contain high quality outbound links that educate or persuade your visitors. This will increase their Time On Site and lead to more conversions.

7. Create Quality inbound links. Avoid 'link farming' at all costs. The paying for multiple inbound links that are auto submitted to obscure sources around the globe. Google and other Search Engines clearly state that these practices can result in your site being penalized.

8. Minimize use of advanced flash graphics especially if they don't directly contribute to higher profitability. Advanced flash graphics such as 3D images and animated banners are visually appealing but can often impede a visitors ability to efficiently access your site due to bandwidth consumption. Especially if the visitor is using an I-phone. Many I-phone connections tend to perform like a 56K dial up service. Additionally, studies have shown they can also distract visitors from your site's core message resulting in a higher than necessary bounce rate.

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