Little Beaver’s Mobile Home Anchoring System Easy and Time-Efficient

Securing mobile homes is easy and efficient with Little Beaver’s mobile home anchoring equipment and accessories.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – LIVINGSTON, Texas (Nov. 20, 2012) – The company’s 11-horsepower hydraulic power unit can be paired with a high-torque anchor handle and a mobile home adaptor for the ultimate mobile home anchoring system.

Proper anchoring is essential in keeping a mobile home stable and secure during a storm or strong winds. Mobile home anchors must be installed deep enough to be flush with the ground at the surface and extend at an angle beneath the home. Although the process can be completed manually, the installation is easier and more time efficient with Little Beaver’s mobile home accessories.

Little Beaver’s hydraulic unit is self-contained, allowing use in remote areas without access to electricity or any other power source. The five-gallon hydraulic reservoir contains a hydraulic pump and is run by an 11-horsepower Honda motor, which provides the power to penetrate hard clay or tough soil.

Little Beaver adaptors provide the end-user with the versatility to use the anchor handle for mobile home anchoring, utility anchoring or driving tent stakes. The versatility is perfect for any installer, who works in just one area or in all three.

Little Beaver’s high-torque anchor handle generates 357 foot-pounds of torque at the recommended 60 RPM. This allows the end-user to install an anchor in less than a minute, depending on soil conditions. Anchors need to be installed every 24 inches to every five feet, depending on state laws and regulations. With the help of Little Beaver’s mobile home accessories, a home measuring 16 feet by 76 feet could be completed in 1.5 hours or less in states requiring an anchor every two feet. In addition, Little Beaver’s exclusive torque-tube design eliminates kickback, making anchoring safer and faster for full time installers.

With the anchor handle, the installer has complete control of the anchor’s back angle, which should be approximately 10-15 degrees. The anchor handle also offers fingertip control access to the forward, reverse and neutral options. Most commonly designed for one-man operation, the handle is also available in a two-man design.

Further, Little Beaver’s mobile home anchoring unit is the only system to offer the reverse option, which allows for easy, quick removal of an anchor compared to the alternative time- and labor-intensive option of manual removal.

Little Beaver has been proudly manufacturing high-quality, safe and productive drilling equipment for more than 50 years. With a full line of easy-to-operate equipment, along with a complete offering of accessories, including augers, extensions, points and blades, Little Beaver effectively serves the needs of end-users from professional contractors to rental centers. For more information, contact Little Beaver, 2009 South Houston, Livingston, TX 77351 call 800-227-7515, fax 936-327-4025, e-mail, or visit the website at