Gastric Plication Surgery Helping the Obese in California

Olde Del Mar Surgical is offering patients a new form of bariatric surgery called the Gastric Plication Procedure

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Fresno/California – Olde Del Mar Surgery is a weight loss surgery center, that wants to help people who are living with obesity to regain their health and lose weight through the use of bariatric surgeries like the gastric plication procedure.
The gastric plication procedure is minimally invasive surgery that reduces the size of a patient’s stomach, which makes the patient feel fuller from eating less food. The procedure is done by sewing one or two large folds in the patient’s stomach. The stomach volume is reduced around 70%, which with hold less food in the stomach. The gastric plication procedure may potentially be reversed or converted into another procedure if needed. The procedure was developed in Iran by Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul who is now the head surgeon at Olde Del Mar Surgical.
Like any surgery there are some risks which are bleeding, infection and a small risk of a leak from the suture line to the stomach. The benefits seem to outweigh the risks, some of the benefits of the gastric plication procedure can help lose weight and improve health complications. Diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and cholesterol issues are improved greatly for patients undergoing the procedure.
Olde Del Mar Surgical has helped many patients who were living with obesity. Olde Del Mar also offers patients post operative care with patient mentoring, nutritional support and free educational seminars. Dr. Bhoyrul and the staff at Olde Del Mar have many years of experience and knowledge in the bariatric field.
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