Seasonal shopping for 'right size' kids' clothes made easy with new mobile phone app & online widget

AlvaKids, an ingenious new mobile phone and online application, recommends the best garment size to buy from the UK's most popular childrenswear brands based on a child's actual body shape profile. It means users can shop confidently for childrenswear without their kids!

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – LONDON – AlvaKids, an ingenious new mobile phone and online application, is set to take the guesswork out of buying the right size garment to fit UK children from newborn to pre teens. Developed in time for the festive shopping season by the world’s leading garment sizing and fit specialist, Alvanon, the new AlvaKids app means parents, family and friends can shop for young children’s clothing, any time and any where, confident in the knowledge they are buying the right size even when they are not accompanied by their children! Available now as a free download from the Apple Store, the AlvaKids app invites users to enter their child’s birthday, height and weight and then automatically recommends the best size garment to buy from over 500 of the UK’s most popular childrenswear brands. An Android version of the app will be available in December. Alvanon is also talking to major childrenswear high street and online retail groups to make AlvaKids available on retailers’ websites in a move that will help improve consumers’ ‘fit’ satisfaction and reduce the hassle associated with returns. Links to the app can be found on or at

After downloading the free app from the Apple Store, users are invited to register and then create a personalised profile for each child. This contains information such as birthday, height, weight, body shape (slim, average or plus/husky) and leg proportions. This data is then used by AlvaKids proprietary algorithm to create a personalised sizing recommendation for any of the childrenswear brands contained in the database. Users will also be able to suggest new brands to add to the system. A key feature of the app is that once the child’s profile has been created, the personal data in the profile will grow automatically with the child so accurate size recommendations can be accessed now and in the future.

AlvaKids was tested in a consumer trial held at New York-based kidswear specialist Cookie’s Kids department stores. Cookie’s also implemented an AlvaKids widget on its website “We enjoyed a very positive experience with the AlvaKids trial – our customers benefitted from the on-the-fly size recommendations and preferred it to the complexity of a sizing chart” explained Al Falack, the director of e-Commerce for Cookie’s. Of the parents surveyed 90% said they would be more confident to shop without their children while 97% said they would recommend others to use the AlvaKids app and 72% said they would share their kids’ profiles with friends and family so they could buy the right size clothes as gifts.”

Janice Wang, CEO of Alvanon played a hands on role in developing the app: “As a mother I understand how frustrating, confusing and tiring shopping for children’s clothing can be, especially at busy times like christmas when we may also be shopping for clothes as gifts – every brand seems to have different names for similar sizes, some label their clothes by age, some by height and some by S, M and L!” She added: “AlvaKids is designed to make buying the right size of garment from the desired brand quick and easy. It’s a simple, elegant solution based on a complex, specialist knowledge of children’s body shapes and how these change over time and is supported by a detailed analysis of how all the UK’s top childrenswear brands size their clothes.”