Reboot your brand in 2013 with £15,000 of podcast coaching for free

Want to create an incredible impression on your customers of tomorrow? Dave Thackeray is on the hunt for four organisations and individuals to take free places in his year-long Academy of Podcasting boot camp starting January 1, 2013.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Manchester, UK – If your new year's resolution will be to build a better brand or business, now's the time to apply for one of four places on the 2013 Academy of Podcasting - and get £15,000 of podcast coaching free.

Dave Thackeray, known across the web radio industry as The Podcast Guy, is throwing open the doors to the Academy of Podcasting for the first time next year and promises his four 'students' a packed program of tyition and support to help them create long-lasting and successful shows.

Having produced many of his own podcasts, Dave was last year appointed UK ambassador to the European Podcast Award. Dave is the host of the UK's only daily tech talk show, Talknology, and his past credits include Double D Guys, a popular podcast with Dan Lyons, former tech editor for Newsweek, author of the Fake Steve Jobs blog and now editor-in-chief of the hugely popular tech news site.

"I see the huge potential of podcasting to everyone, from the guy with his own shop in the suburbs to the big box brands," said Dave. "This is the only marketing tool that lets you bring your message to life - it complements perfectly all our social efforts including Twitter, Facebook and blogging, and builds incredible levels of trust, loyalty and engagement among our listeners and customers."

The year-long Academy of Podcasting course requires a significant commitment from its students - at least 10 hours of coaching and practical work will be needed each month. And there's a twist in the tail: If a student doesn't finish the course and produce at least 12 shows during 2013, they will be asked to donate £1,000 to Cancer Research UK.

"Podcasting isn't for everyone," said Dave. "Only people with a real thirst and passion for their job, cause or hobby make great podcasters. But the rewards, both personally and professionally, can be huge."

There have been many successes in the world of podcasting, according to Dave. One of his former podcasting mentees was discovered through her show by a world-famous publisher who subsequently asked her to write a book, which later became an Amazon bestseller, while another successfully made the transition from indepedently-produced podcast to broadcast radio star.

Dave added: "I have no doubt that the four Academy of Podcasting students for 2013 will not only have a huge amount of fun creating their own web radio shows, but they'll come away with a podcast that will bring them much closer to their target audiences and develop a life of its own, attracting many more people to them and their business or organisation."

To apply for a place on the 2013 Academy of Podcasting course, and for more details of what's involved, go to