Apumac Offers iPhone 5 At Wholesale Prices For Companies That Sell Tech Gadgets

A look at the services and products that are offered at wholesale prices by Apumac.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – 11/20/2012 – Apumac is a company that specializes on the export and distribution of Apple related products. Their main focus of this moment, is on the iPhone five, which is available on their website at wholesale prices. The iPhone 5 has been met by a lot of fanfare, quickly becoming one of the most popular phones among the general populace. Businesses that are looking to carry the phone, are able to apply for wholesale ample purchases on their website. Approvals for companies are going to be based on the criteria displayed in the application. In order to become qualified for discount pricing on all of the products that they offer, Apumac requires that you be a registered member of the website. All registered members will be provided with the membership ID number, which they can then use to purchase products.

With the iPhone 5 becoming so popular overnight, it is no wonder that many smaller technology stores are looking to sell the phone at a reasonable price, and are searching for wholesaler options as a result. Along with the iPhone 5, Apumac offers a wide range of different products including displays and graphic related items, iPad accessories, the iPad Mini, a wide range of iPhone cases and other accessories, with a focus on iPhone 5 accessories, iPod accessories, iTunes gift cards, and other Apple related products.

Apumac strives to give small companies access to wholesale prices for electronic goods that are provided by Apple. This, along with a wide range of other products, has made them a popular choice for companies that are looking to expand the selection of products that they offer to encompass some of today's most popular Apple products.

On their website, you can also schedule a reservation with the Genius Repair Center, which will help you fix your products for free, and is known as one of the best customer support staff currently available. There are two types of appointments that you can make, either online, or in the store. You can choose to have between one and three items repaired, and are able to submit your request with a description of what the problem is. This means that getting in touch with the Genius Repair Center is quite easy, allowing you to get your items fixed relatively quickly and cheap.

Apumac also offers rentals to businesses as well. However, they require that you call their toll-free number as all rentals are done by appointment only. The ability to rent Apple products at a cheap price, has made Apumac a popular option for organizations that are not willing to make the purchase, but are interested in giving the products a try. This is an excellent option for businesses that are considering utilizing Apple products to make them more productive, but are not sure that they are going to be worth the investment.

Apumac is a company that provides high quality iphone 5 wholesale prices on both the phones, as well is related accessories, making it easy for small businesses to receive high quality electronic goods at wholesale prices.

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