Premium Directory Listing Service From SubmitEdge Gives A Special Twist To Directory Submissions

SubmitEdge owns hundreds of web directories to which the company submits customers websites. Premium directory listing service from SubmitEdge is a very search engine friendly link building service.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Houston, TX – Houston, TX - Every business owner that likes to get good online traffic is required to pay attention to link building and should have reliable strategies in place to boost the link popularity of websites. Premium directory listing service from SubmitEdge comes as one of the best and the most dependable link building strategies for hundreds of business owners. As always with premium directory link building service too SubmitEdge uses 100% white hat link building approach. All the submissions are done manually and in a very search engine friendly way. The links obtained through premium directory listing service are natural links and hence Google friendly.
Customers that make use of the link building services of SubmitEdge always get the best value for money. SubmitEdge offers guaranteed link building packages and all the packages are priced very nominally. Customers are free to choose any preferred package based on one’s budget. Premium directory listing service from SubmitEdge can be used by all types of businesses regardless of the size of the business and regardless of the niche industry. The low priced link building packages offered by SubmitEdge makes the service easily accessible even to small business owners.
SubmitEdge submits the links to the network of directories that are owned by the company. SubmitEdge owns a large network of web directories to which the links are submitted. All the directories are well maintained and kept spam free which boosts the reputation of the directories. All the links obtained from the directories are clean and very search engine friendly. Customers can choose the keywords required for the submissions and also the titles and descriptions for the submissions. Experienced directory submission experts at SubmitEdge will choose the most apt categories for the submissions to improve the overall effectiveness of the submission process.
SubmitEdge premium article directory listing service is suitable for all types of websites. Customers are free to submit even the inner page URLs to boost the link popularity of the inner pages. Once the SubmitEdge completes the manual submission process a detailed report is sent to the customers. The report will include detailed listing of all the landing pages so that customers can cross check the work done. SubmitEdge customer support is unparalleled in the industry which makes the company one of the most dependable ones in the SEO industry.