i-Phonedeveloper Announces the Release of Reaper Run-A Reflex Game for iDevices

i-PhoneDeveloper is proud and delighted to announce the global release of its soul defending game “Reaper Run” that exhibits compatibility with all the iDevices

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Chicago, IL – It's a reflex game where you have to run to save your soul against following evil reaper and evade its life-threatening obstacles. The main character has to face and dodge challenging obstacles on the rooftop, avoid tumbling down large gaps, jump over building chimneys, flying blades, boxes, crows and flaming skulls that can slow down and allow the Reaper to catch him up.

Dodging the deadly obstacles and meanwhile collecting the gold coins are the interesting part of the game. Collection of the coins makes a player eligible to purchase new characters, reapers, and fresh magnetic powers. So collect the coins as many as you can.

Explaining more about what are characters and reapers, Head of the Gaming Dept said "Characters are the victims in the Reaper's death list are also looking for players help to survive. The Grimm Reaper tries to collect the souls of the unworthy; including Prisoner 666, Teddy Beer, Detective B. Con, the Deadly Ninja and several others who look upon for help. They need to survive and player has to ensure they live."

It's easy at the beginning and offers complicated obstacles to survival and demands all your focus and reflexes. This game will literally keep players' heart thrust; players won't be able to get out of their seats and will run thousands of miles without getting tired and bored.

"Not only will you be able to change your main character that runs from the Reaper, you will also be able to change the Reaper himself. One of the four horsemen will hold the power to destroy you as you try with all your might to get away. Using the collected coins you can expand your powers and grab more gold coins" said Technical Head at http://www.i-phonedeveloper.com

For More information about the game, please contact, http://www.i-phonedeveloper.com/iphone-app-development-portfolio/runreaper.html

About The Game:
Reaper Run is available for iPhone touch and can be downloaded from iTunes Play right now:

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About i-PhoneDeveloper:
I-PhoneDeveloper is a Chicago based mobile development company that has turned out to be the home of qualified iPhone apps developer and hub of trending app and game mobile. They are known for designing polished and high-rated games, and Reaper Run is enough to justify their potential. For more information on Reaper Run or any other iPhone apps, please contact enquiry@i-phonedeveloper.com