The Lightest 100% Carbon Frame Electric Bicycles on the Market

With the release of the Karma 38 and Karma 42, ST-Bicycle is the first company to offer 100% carbon frame electric assist bicycles.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Deerfield Beach, Florida – Bicycling has a reputation throughout the world for being efficient, healthy, and a fun way to get around. For people lucky enough to live within cycling distance of their work, the morning and evening routine involves a little bit of pedaling, which we can all agree is a good thing if you spend your days at the office. In many countries, commuting by bicycle is a normal thing. But in the US and UK, you’re less likely to see people on bicycles for practical reasons. This is because the idea of commuting a long distance by car has taken these countries somewhat by storm.

People claim that it is impractical to ride a bike to work. They don’t want to sweat in their work clothes, it’s simply too far or too difficult.

Enter electric assist bicycles. Over the past ten years, the electric assist bicycle has gone through some impressive modernizations. The tiny electric motors that you find on electric assist bicycles are a pretty modern innovation, and the batteries capable of holding a charge for long enough for the bicycle to be practical are also a fairly modern thing.

This is good news for people who want to ride, but would prefer a bit of help. The weight of electric assist bicycles is off-set by a complex computer that can offer just enough help to make any bike ride fun.

ST-Bicycle has gone one step farther with their Karma 38 and Karma 42 electric assist bicycles. They’ve made a full carbon frame that is ultra light weight, making the electric motor that much more efficient. They claim that their bikes now have a 40-50 mile range, which should be plenty for a there and back trip anywhere in town.

Of course, you can also take these ultralight bikes out of town. In fact, ST-Bicycle is confident that their customers will be buying these bikes for a broad range of uses.

“A lightweight carbon frame bicycle is excellent for mountain trails as well as city riding. The shocks lock for city riding and go into full suspension mode when you go off-road. You can really take advantage of the electric assist on the uphills, making trails accessible to people who would otherwise avoid off-road riding,” said a representative from ST-Bicycle.

ST-Bicycle is hoping that the versatility and efficiency of their two new models will attract the attention of the US market, where electric assist bicycles are just starting to catch on. At $3500-$3900 per bike, the Karma 38 and Karma 42 are also some of the least expensive options on the market.

Electric assist bicycles represent a cheaper and healthier option to driving a car, and they are only getting better, as ST-Bicycle is proving with their latest innovations.

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