Social Media Marketing Techniques Tips for Twitter

Social Media Marketing techniques and tips for businesses and online entrepreneurs designed to improve their Twitter viral marketing results.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – SEO Social Media marketing strategy firm provides techniques, tips and strategies designed to enhance the viral marketing results of Twitter. This information applies whether Twitter accounts have a few hundred followers or several thousand. These 9 Tweet tips are for companies and online entrepreneurs who are either new to Twitter or not seeing the desired viral marketing return for the time they are investing. Viral marketing is one of the most important business benefits of using Twitter.

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The following 9 tips were prepared by Irbtrax and are based on Internet market research and feedback.

1- Find and use a third party Tweet tracking resource so you can measure the viral impact of your Tweets. After all, viral marketing is one of the biggest advantages of using Twitter. These services can measure the number of shares your Tweets received, how many times they've been viewed (clicks), and which Tweets gained or lost followers. Knowledge that will be helpful for making important adjustments or changes.

2- Search for and follow people or businesses that share mutual interests. These are the people that will be more inclined to re-Tweet submitted material providing it's unique, relevant, or important. They are also more inclined to follow in return. Which leads to-

3- Unique, relevant, or important material consists of articles personally written by a company or individual. Or news stumbled on that's believed to be of interest to an accounts target audience. Just as Google continuously mentions 'user search' experience Twitter users should continuously think 'follower search' experience.

4- Avoid any temptation to disguise the content of your Tweets. Don't use intentionally misleading or inaccurate headlines. This practice might gain your more ‘clicks’ in the short term but it will ultimately result in tarnishing your Twitter image.

5- Make sure to follow a useable format for re-Tweeting. Tweets that use up all or almost all of the 140 character allotment have proven to receive far less re-Tweets. Additionally, truncated Tweets don't look professional.

6- Add a concise and clear explanation of what the tiny URL contains and keep it to under 130 characters if possible. This allows for accounts with long hash tags to re-Tweet material without concern that the message will get severely shortened.

7- When writing an article or Blog make sure it has a share mechanism or at least contains a link to your Twitter account.

For example the Irbtrax Twitter account is:

The Online PR News Twitter account is:

8- If providing a business service or product. Limit the number of personal Tweets submitted. Personal Tweets would be social tweets directed at a specific individual that aren't used for business. If necessary create a personal account for this activity.

9- Don't abuse Auto Tweeting. It can be perceived as Internet Graffiti. Just as Google cares about 'User Search' experience Twitter users should think in terms of 'Twitter Follower' experience.

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