Internships Encouraged by Anthony Giannetti

Anthony Giannetti knows not to underestimate the advantages that internships provide college students. He has had several internships between his studies as a business and law student.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – NEW YORK CITY, NY – Buffalo, New York -- Anthony Giannetti is a young professional working diligently on the road to success. He is currently working on his law degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo Law School. As a law student, Anthony Giannetti has been working intensely to succeed and pull ahead of his fellow law students. He has set himself apart from others by not only working to perform at the top of his class, but also through his past academic and summer internship ventures.

Anthony Giannetti is proud of his work record. He has tried to diversify his work experience through internships in both the field of business as well as legal work. The first three positions that Anthony Giannetti held outside of school were related to business and the attainment of his Master of Administration degree. Anthony Giannetti only needed one year to complete his M.B.A between 2008 and 2009.

As a business student, the first business-related work experience that Anthony Giannetti had was as a consultant for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. “As a consultant, I conducted several sustainability audits for Carnegie Museum’s environmental performance efficiency. This was related my concentration in sustainability when working on my M.B.A.,” says Anthony Giannetti.

The second and third business experiences that Anthony Giannetti held were held in the spring and summer months of 2009. Both were internships, one for Alcoa Corporation while the other was for the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. In both cases, the internships helped provide Anthony Giannetti with useful and beneficial work experiences. With the Alcoa Corporation, he helped develop marketing strategies, which is a very important experience for anyone interested in the business field.

Outside of business, Anthony Giannetti also has legal experience as well. He worked in Buffalo, New York on two different occasions as a law clerk, in 2010 and 2012. However, in 2011 he worked as a certified legal intern for the Allegheny County Public Defender Pre-Trial Divison.

Anthony Giannetti is grateful for all his work experiences. He knows that each position and internship has provided him with a new skill set and understanding of how the business and legal fields work around him. He encourages all students seeking a professional career to partake in internships relevant to their studies.

About: Anthony Giannetti has had internships in both the business field and the law field. His internships provide him practical experience that he can apply towards his future professional career.

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