Playing Smart- Math Modules For Tablets

Announcing the launch of 'Decimals', a series of modules teaching the concepts of decimals through interactive media. Available for smart devices, these modules are the latest offering from Mango Learning Inc.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Princeton, New Jersey – The educational landscape has changed over time. The current generation of students is exposed to greater use of technology in their daily life than ever before and it is but natural for them to be involved in activities involving use of technological gadgets and media. It is perhaps a natural order of evolution where new methods are adopted and become the norm. This can be seen in the slow and steady adoption of interactive media to engage and facilitate students to learn.

Mango Learning, a unique amalgamation of educators and game developers have identified this inherent need of students to interact, analyze and assimilate information to learn and comprehensively master topics. They believe that education is most effective when the student is receptive and yearning for knowledge. In order to provide a fulfilling learning experience they have launched Decimals- a bouquet of educational modules for grades 4-7. The modules teach the concepts and help students master Decimals, by merging educational content with game mechanics complete with an Outer Space theme.

The Decimals modules, developed according to prescribed K-12 syllabus and norms, explain the technique and concepts of Decimals from two perspectives, Eastern and Western delivered in a lucid manner by two virtual guides. This gives students a complete and comprehensive view regarding the topic. This learning is further honed through interactive games and their understanding of the topic is then tested through comprehensive quizzes. This enables the student, teacher and parents to gauge the student's learning while keeping track of his progress in relation with his peers.

Available in 4 separate modules covering Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division for iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets and priced at $ 2.99 each, Decimals lays down the foundation for complete mastery of decimals in a fun yet informative format.