Independent Insurance and Benefits Agencies to Learn New Strategies for Building their Businesses

Keeping members on the leading edge of the industry and business trends, Sitkins International and Benefits Growth Network are gearing up for the semi-annual networking experience.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – St. Louis, MO – Independently owned insurance and benefits agencies will come together to share intellectual capital through a series of learning, networking and best-practice exchanges. Sitkins International and Benefits Growth Network bring all non-competing member agencies together twice a year for Extreme Networking, an in-depth conference to collectively share strategies for building a profitable business and delivering client value.

Members hear presentations by the vertical growth advisors about leading industry and business topics including sales management, agency operations and profitable growth strategies. Agencies are also given the opportunity to learn from one another, share best practices and develop connections with other agencies over a common topic. This format increases a foundation of trust and facilitates a quicker turnaround in the ability to draw on those connections.

Kevin Trokey, Benefits Growth Network president and coach, explains that, “We take a multi-disciplinary approach to agency development and our live networking sessions are a vital part of the member experience.” Taking various learning styles into consideration, Sitkins and BGN ensure that members are able to listen and talk to all advisors, giving them the opportunity to hear ideas which may resonate with them in a new way.

This spring’s conference, held in Orlando, will feature 40 sessions over two and a half days with a mix of main stage presentations and topical breakout sessions. The first day is devoted to sales leadership topics and the remaining days take a look at the agency from a broader perspective. For the breakout sessions, members choose areas specifically targeted to their individual business needs. Topics include:

• Getting Paid for Your Value
• Performance Benchmarking
• HR After the Recession
• Pipeline-Building Strategies
• Question-Asking Skills
• Mentoring and Coaching Sales People
• Effective Sales Meetings
• Accountability and Consequences
• Developing Centers of Influence

Main stage presentations, lead by Larry Linne, Patrick Sitkins and Roger Sitkins, are topics relating to business needs every agency faces. Topics include:

• Smashing the Glass Ceiling of Potential Success
• Getting Paid for your Value
• Profit Drivers
• Marketing 2.0 Best Practices
• Performance Benchmarking
• Future Leader Development

Patrick Sitkins, Vice President of Sitkins International, says, “This format has proven very effective for our members. Not only are they able to benefit from the discussions of strategies and issues that affect the entire industry, but they are also able to choose sessions which focus on topics that present specific challenges for their own agency.”

About Sitkins International
Sitkins International is an exclusive membership organization comprised of high-performing independent insurance agencies and brokerages in the United States, Canada and Latin America. Members gain access to The Vertical Growth Experience™ which provides them with intellectual capital to help them with innovation, sales, growth, profitability and increased organizational value. For more information on Sitkins International, contact Patrick Sitkins at (239) 337-2555 or visit

About Benefits Growth Network
Benefits Growth Network, based out of St. Louis, MO, is an international membership-based consulting firm specializing in growth strategies for independently owned employee benefits agencies and brokerages. Through the exclusive Benefits Growth System™, members get individualized planning, coaching, training, use of proprietary systems and access to a network of thriving benefits agencies. For more information about Benefits Growth Network, visit

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