Irvine Computer Support Expands its Line of IT Services

Irvine Computer Support, a leading provider of IT solutions in Southern California, recently expanded its already-impressive line of services. Its new offerings include hardware repair, remote support, data recovery, spyware removal, and virus removal.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Anaheim – Orange County, Calif. – November 20, 2012 Irvine Computer Support has always distinguished itself by its variety and quality of services. Customers have always had the option to receive services remotely (via phone or online help desk) or with an on-site visit from an experienced technician. They do not have to deal with off-shore call centers, either—all Irvine Computer Support personnel are locally-based and fluent in English, Spanish, or both.

In addition, Irvine Computer Support trains its staff to perform proactive repairs that keep problems from reoccurring—for example, upgrading an over-utilized email server to prevent future data loss and downtime incidents. For the same reason, their personnel have also been trained to target the root causes of technical issues—for instance, by adding storage capacity to an email server a single time instead of performing recurring disk cleanups. Finally, Irvine Computer Support delivers enterprise-level IT services at a price that even the most cash-strapped small businesses can afford.
With its new offerings, the company extends the depth and variety of its services even further. These services will increase the performance, reliability, and security of a small business IT infrastructure.

They include:
-Hardware repair. Irvine Computer Support can repair any computing device, including PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and severs. Hardware subjected to an occasional tune-up will perform better and last longer, letting companies get the most out of their initial investment.

-Data recovery. Occasionally, corrupt or malfunctioning software or damaged hardware can make it difficult or impossible to access data. Companies don’t have to accept data loss, however. Using their advanced recovery methods, Irvine Computer Support can extract their once-lost files quickly and easily.

-Virus removal. Irvine Computer Support will remove these malicious elements from computing devices. Left alone, malware deteriorates the performance and security of an IT infrastructure.

-Spyware removal. This kind of malware can compromise the performance or security of a computer as much as a virus. Irvine Computer Support will remove all the spyware on a company’s system. The IT services company can also install antispyware software to prevent an infection from ever happening again.

-Remote support. Irvine Computer Support has expanded the number of services that it can perform remotely. Businesses now have the ability to receive data recovery, virus removal, spyware removal, network configuration, and software and OS installation services via telephone or online help desk. On-site and remote support from Irvine Computer Support cost about the same, but with remote services a company will be able to obtain assistance in significantly less time.

About Irvine Computer Support
Irvine Computer Support provides advanced IT services to all types and sizes of companies. They set up, optimize, and repair hardware from brands such as Apple, IBM, Dell, and HP. The company’s main services include Managed IT Services, antivirus, network monitoring, procurement, and computer repair. With their diverse array of advanced solutions and support, Irvine-based companies and individuals can lower the costs and improve the performance of their IT infrastructure.