Catering Equipment Supplier Phoeniks Unveils Innovative Catering Equipment Melbourne

The catering equipment supplier Phoeniks will introduce state-of-the-art catering equipment imported from Europe during the cook and chill forum that they are organizing with their partners Advantage Commercial Kitchens on 26th and 27th November 2012.

Online PR News – 21-November-2012 – Melbourne – MKN catering equipment
For this forum, Phoeniks will bring innovative latest catering equipment melbourne made in-house by MKN – one of its major partners. Such a piece of catering equipment has been awarded for the new innovative functions it offers. It deals with the “Flexichef”: this brand-new piece of catering equipment has already been considered by many chefs and catering professionals as a big revolution in commercial kitchens. Flexichef is indeed a multifunctional commercial kitchen appliance that can cook several meals at a time with various temperatures.

It is particularly equipped with new amazing features: unique automatic self-cleaning-system, high pressure cooking, intelligent user-friendly management system and other innovative tools. Such a piece of catering equipment is what of many chefs all around the world dream of: not only does it improve the quality of food a lot, but it also saves much time and energy, and finally is very easy to use for catering professionals.

Catering equipment to introduce cook & chill techniques
Participants in Phoeniks’s cook and chill forum will thus have the chance to see how performing European catering equipment can be and how one can use it when one wants to cook specific meals with precise techniques. Used in most European catering sites and commercial kitchens, the cook and chill technique is still little known in Australia. Australian hospitality businesses began to select high quality catering equipment to improve the results of their commercial kitchens not a long time ago too. Main trade shows like Fine Food or Foodservice Australia are almost the only opportunities to see lots of different innovative pieces of catering equipment. For instance, as far as Phoeniks catering equipment is concerned, it is designed and manufactured in France, Germany and Switzerland mostly. Distributing European quality catering equipment all around Australia has already enabled to develop many hospitality businesses and catering sites seeking to achieve smart results.

Highly commended certificate for a catering equipment supplier
Phoeniks was recently awarded for the catering equipment projects that they have carried out and managed in 2012 all around Australia. Actually, the catering equipment supplier was awarded for the quality of its service. Meeting deadlines rigorously, taking care of every customer specific need, or managing catering equipment projects from A to Z all around Australia is one of the mains reasons why this catering equipment supplier was congratulated for his job and involvement in the development of the Australian hospitality industry. Today, many catering equipment suppliers try to bring the best quality appliances to Australia. Phoeniks is one of those. On their website, they indicate that they distribute a wide range of catering equipment and commercial cooking equipment designed for professional kitchens: from combi oven melbourne, trough rotisserie and bratt pans to vegetable cutting machine, those pieces of catering equipment are very various and can meet many needs of chefs and employees of commercial kitchens.

Phoeniks: European catering equipment supplier based in Melbourne

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