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11/20/2012 presents their line of gourmet Thanksgiving food gifts available to ship for this Thanksgiving holiday.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Boca Raton/FL – Thanksgiving can be both one of the most wonderful and most incredibly stressful holidays of the year. Families gather from all over the country, rushing through airports and train stations, flooding the highways in the big annual turkey-and-stuffing pilgrimage. Air beds are inflated, pull-away couchesunfurled, and guest bedrooms readied for guests. Refrigerators and pantries fully stocked with the best treats and foods, with gifts of food send around the country and welcomed with open arms.

Perhaps the most popular gift for Thanksgiving is food, always so welcome during a holiday that revolves around the delicious sport of eating. “Thanksgiving Gourmet food gifts are a must for this holiday. As often as people are brought together for the holidays, sometimes it’s just impossible to join loved ones for this special occasion,” says Jon Knigin, owner and president of, “so we get hundreds of calls at this time of year for people looking for food baskets and Thanksgiving food gifts, something delicious that can be sent to their recipient and enjoyed perhaps at the Thanksgiving meal, or on the days around it.”

When it’s time to choose Thanksgiving food gifts, the experts at have had years of experience to perfect an essential list of food that is suitable for all tastes and palates. A personal touch is essential, according to Mr. Knigin, who says “we work together with our customers, getting information on the gift recipient’s particular tastes and preferences”.If they have a sweet tooth, recommends Leonidas chocolates gift boxes, if they love all things French, a great French Cheese Sampler Board, andfor men, a heartysalami and gourmet meat platter.

Some of the most popular Thanksgiving food gifts are by far cheese assortments and Scottish or Norwegian smoked salmon sides. These Thanksgiving food gifts do double duty as appetizers and snacks, giving hassled hostessa break and keeping hungry guests well fed.

Something else to keep in mind: Thanksgiving food gifts also make great hostess gifts! Bring them with you, or send something afterwards as a thank you to your hostess or host for their kind hospitality, it’ll make them feel appreciated and give them something to eat after guests have cleared out their refrigerator!

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