Understand nuances of Brand building through Grand Brand Rajni

Grand Brand Rajni is not only meant for Rajnikanth’s fans but it is a book on how to create an effective and long lasting brand image. It shares wealth of knowledge on creating and sustaining a brand image for the professionals and the up-coming corporate and enterprises.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad, India; November 20, 2012: Brand Image is one of the most important aspects of doing great business in today’s world and having a strong brand image requires one to manage and approach brand in a systematic way. Grand Brand Rajni is one such unique book that explores the nuances of building and managing a brand in a Rajnikanth way!

Ranjnikanth’s popularity has gone beyond borders of country, caste, and creed. Both the authors have recognized this and use Super star Rajnikanth as their ultimate example of a lasting brand. This book consists of the fundamentals that are to be kept in mind for building strong brand image. This includes the key elements in forming a core of a brand, understanding of brand perceptions and associations, analysis of famous brands in the world, and how Rajnikanth became a grand brand known across the globe.

The book is surely going to be of interest for the Rajnikanth fans but the power of this book is not just limited to the fan group. This book is specially meant to guide and enlighten the enterprises and corporate on how to strategically launch and sustain their brands. Rajnikanth is not only a fine talented actor but he has become iconic and respectable figure for the present generation. This makes Rajnikanth all the more a successful brand name that can immediately communicate to the world visually about what it delivers.

It is a must read for the management students, professionals, and the up-coming businessmen or corporate. This book can be easily caught hold off by just sitting at your home on infibeam.com, a leading e-commerce website.


About the Author:

P.C.Balasubramanian and Ram N. Ramakrishnan are both passionate about building a strong brand image for an enterprise or a corporate. This keen interest in business and brand management has culminated into their book Grand Brand Rajni - Brand Management the Ranjnikanth way. P.C. Balasubramaian is the owner of Matrix Business Services India while Ram N. Ramakrishnan has also set up his own consulting services and is presently a management advisory in the Arabian Gulf. Balasubramanian has also written best-selling book Rajni’s Punchtantra as a co-author.